Change ~


Written By Elizabeth McLean @ Health Wiz


“It has often been said that the only unchanging thing in the world is change itself. Life is continuously changing, evolving, dying, and being reborn….” Osho

As human beings who ultimately crave security, comfort and safety, it can be confronting and downright scary for all of us when things in our lives change.

While often we innately resist change, the sooner we come to realize that all things are in a constant state of flux, the easier our lives will be. Without a doubt the seasons will change, our body will change, the earth around us will continue to change. We are all of us, works in progress. Nothing is set in stone. The wheel of life will continue to spin forever and always.This past week I have been working through some big and important changes in my own life. I have finally come to a state of surrender, and realize that whatever happens from here, it will be ok…. life will go on. It has been a timely reminder of the undeniable reality of change.~The only thing certain, is that nothing is certain~

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