Tangerine Quartz ~ Crystals

– Awakens Kundalini energies of the second chakra and is associated with great bursts of creative power.

– Stimulates passion on all levels.

– Excellent stone for artists, poets and all who wish to creatively express ideas and feelings.

– Overcomes fear of not “being good enough”.

Tangerine quartz is an orange colored quartz that, as with all quartzes, has the properties of clear quartz, plus its own properties. Tangerine quartz enhances one’s strength to continue all endeavors. It also helps balance or level the emotions, making one feel more calmly detached instead of panicky or upset. It expands etheric vision. It enhances encounters with others and facilitates giving and receiving, and bring a sense of expansiveness to relationships. Tangerine quartz can increase and enhance evaluation and evolution of the inner self. On the physical plane, tangerine quartz has been used for reproductive system disorders, weight loss, and AIDS. Tangerine quartz is related to the 2nd chakra which it activates to promote creativity and sexuality.

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