Now is Real Happiness ~



Posted by  Deepak Jain

The real happiness is here-now. It has no concern with the past, it has No concern with the future.

Sometimes you become happy about the future: you are hoping that you are going to win a lottery, or you are hoping that this is going to happen tomorrow – your girl friend is coming tomorrow and you are getting excited. For what? – for tomorrow, which has not come yet? You are mad.

Either your happiness is past-oriented or future-oriented; and both are false because neither the past is, nor the future is.

The past has already gone out of existence, the future has not entered yet. The real, authentic happiness is here-now. It arises, this moment, out of nowhere. There are not two moments together, that’s why it is unrealized, because for cause and effect to exist, at least two moments will be needed: one to cause it, another to effect it. But only this moment – total, alone, single, is available.


~ Osho ~

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