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Day 1: Dynamic Arm Raises


Dynamic Arm Raises
This energizing move challenges you to coordinate your movements with your breath, improving circulation in your upper body, while refreshing your mind.


Today’s Tip: Go Chair-Free

Day after day of sitting in a chair at your desk can wreak havoc on your body, resulting in tight hip flexors, a collapsed lumber curve, strain on your spinal discs, and weakened lateral and oblique muscles. Ergonomic chairs can be expensive, and balance balls, while good for building core strength and protecting your back, aren’t for everyone. Why not take a cue from Eastern cultures and keep your joints supple and back strong with the simple and free practice of sitting on the floor?

Although it may not be appropriate to slip into full Lotus Pose during a meeting, spending time every day on the floor in poses such as Virasana (Hero’s Pose) and Sukhasana (Easy Pose) can go a long way toward loosening connective tissues and easing the pressure on your back. If you have your own office, sit right down and try it out! If not, try to find a quiet place to sit, maybe while you review paperwork. Perhaps there’s a nearby park where you could take your lunch, and enjoy the fresh air as well as the ground. Be creative and carve out some floor time. Your body will thank you!

Day 2: Tadasana (Mountain Pose)


Mountain Pose trains your muscles to support a more proper, pain-free posture at your desk—and everywhere else.


Today’s Tip: Cure for Tired Eyes

Many of us spend hours each day staring at a computer screen. The combination of the glare from the monitor and from office lights, the fixed-gaze position of the eyes, and the fact that people blink less when staring at the computer often results in blurry vision and tired, dry eyes, a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The good news is that a few simple actions can go a long way toward combating the effects of CVS.

Try dimming the lights in your office or cubicle and adjusting your computer screen to the correct height for proper head and neck alignment. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure your prescription is current. And don’t forget to periodically close your eyes for a minute or two throughout the day to let them rest. Try this: Briskly rub your hands together until they’re warm, and place them gently over your closed eyes. The warmth will relax and soothe fatigued eyes, giving them a needed break and leaving them ready to tackle the rest of your work.


Day 3: Standing Crescent


Standing Crescent
This side-bending pose opens your chest and ribcage so that your breath can deepen and begin to calm the nervous system. It also improves your posture.

Today’s Tip: Walk It Out

When you find yourself snapping at colleagues, web surfing when you should be emailing, or fantasizing about telling your boss that you quit, it may be time to for a break. Taking a little time out—even just 15 minutes—can distance you from difficult situations enough to put them into clearer perspective, and revive senses dulled from long hours and repetitive tasks.

A walking meditation is an effective way to release stress and excess energy, and it results in heightened awareness, concentration, and a sense of calm. Getting outside the office is preferable, and better still if there’s a park or natural setting nearby. Instead of thinking about the destination, focus on the walk itself, remaining present for each step. You’ll return to the office refreshed and ready to get on with your day.


Check back on Sunday for more Yoga Poses, you can do right from your desk or just a quick pick me up during the day.  If you spend way too much time at the computer like I do…….Switch to this page and get a little exercise.

I will post these quick and easy stretches on Wednesday and Sunday for the next two weeks, let me know how you’re doing.

Wendy Zake



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