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Wendy Zake ~ Publisher/Editor

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We connect with people all over the world. Our Daily email, Website, New Weekly Blog Radio Show, Inspirational Videos  and Community Events make us more accessible to spiritual seekers around the globe.

Whether our readers are looking for green products, articles on how to improve their lives or horoscopes, we have it all.  We’ve quickly built a name for ourselves by posting hundreds of articles monthly so our content is always new and exciting insuring  we come up in the Top Ten of Google Ratings.

Continued growth in weekly and monthly views reaching over 11,000 monthly.

Why Preach to the Choir on Social Media? ~ Are you limited by how many friends see your daily posts? Have You been trying to sell your services to people who are developing and trying to sell their own products and services?  The people we need to reach are the millions who are looking for guidance.  Get seen by the people who need your services.

Join Global Light Minds, the only Spiritual Publication online that promotes Everyone, not just a few selected writers and services.

Why Bookmarks your Favorites? ~ Global Light Provides  a One Stop Place to find all the information needed to help guide you on a Spiritual Journey.  It’s easy, convenient and Free,  No money is required for people to read a Daily Online Publication.

Don’t get lost in the Searches,  Be Seen on Global Light Minds as The World’s Best Spiritual Writers and Service Providers.

Find out how you can get your website seen with an article, photos and links, or advertise with a banner or custom ad.

All Packages Include:

  • Get Seen Around the Globe.  No Limit of Friends and Who Sees Your Article, Links and Web Site.
  • Your Article, Photos and Links and contact information.  A full week of advertising your article on the front page, with an additional week of advertising on the front page from the previous week.  Continued unlimited exposure that comes up in searches, remains on site in archives and categories for the length of contract.
  • Free Events: Free Featured Speaker on Weekly Radio Show ~ List your Events on Events Calendar for your Webinars &  Radio Shows.

Rates: Mix and Match ~

  • One Article, Photos and Links, contact information with Unlimited continued exposure that come up in searches. $120.00 per year.
  • Featured Upgrade: One Featured article in the top slider for 30 days plus the additional 2 weeks on front page.  $150.00 per year.
  • Weekly Articles: Four Articles a month with Unlimited continued exposure in categories, tags, that come up in searches.  $45.00 per month ~ $250.00 6 months ~ $500.00 12 months.
  • Monthly Articles: 1 article per month with Unlimited continued exposure in categories, tags, that come up in searches. $30.00 per month ~ $180.00 6 months ~ $350.00 12 months.
  • Side Bar Advertising – Customs ads 250 x 300  front page and categories $45.00 per month discounts for 3, 6 & 12 months

We offer exceptional pricing and all articles remain on the site, for continued exposure, you won’t pay for hits, or monthly fees.  Ask About a custom ad on the side bar.

We would be happy to help you find the most creative and powerful way to reach our readers with your message.

Email Wendy Zake to find out more or fill out the form below and I will contact you.  Get Started Today!

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