Cooking with Devotion ~

Cooking with Devotion

Good food requires more than top-notch ingredients and creative recipes—it’s the compassion, intention, and energy of those in the kitchen that make a meal fulfilling. Cultivating a selfless intention, committing to recognizing the Divine in those you’re feeding, and cooking joyfully without expectation of recognition will improve your awareness as well as your food. For the yogic cook, integrating mindfulness and love only deepens a cooking experience and, according to some, enhances the quality and flavor of the food itself.

As you prepare Stuffed Grape Leaves Casserole and Nutella Cookies, infiltrate them with your mindfulness, joy, and selfless service and taste the difference for yourself.


Stuffed Grape Leaves Casserole
If you like stuffed grape leaves, you’ll love this casserole, which has all the flavors of the bite-size appetizers without all the rolling.
Get the recipe » Vegetarian Times
Nutella Cookies
Nutella, the creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread, does double duty as dough ingredient and frosting here.
Get the recipe » Vegetarian Times

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