The Night And Silence ~ Poetry


The night is silent, dark and deep.

And I have allowed my feelings to scatter,

All those feelings which were dearest to me now depart.

And once again the age old solitude

accompanies me and my night

alone from my small cottage,

I look outside for the view

Penetrating from my broken window pane,

I could see the stars scattering

I could see the moon mournfully gazing on the silence of the night.

The brightness of moonlight is now loosing its color

As night is now gradually falling into the gentle arms of the dawn,

The dreams of allowing my silence to speak with my feelings remain unfulfilled.

but silence has a depth more deeper than night,

And have a feeling stronger than broad day light.

Silence like night does have a dream;

have courage and a beauty for our life.

by Aroop Das

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