Find God in Bliss ~ Osho


Posted by Deepak Jain


You can only find God in bliss. Hence for centuries man has talked about God and lived without God. A very strange thing has happened; the strange thing is that God is bliss but our priests and saints have been teaching us that God is something anti-bliss. There is a reason why this strange idea ever happened. The reason is that the priests and the saints were perfectly aware that there is only one competitor for God and that is bliss.

People naturally seek bliss and if you want them to seek something else, you have to make that something else against bliss; that’s how religion became anti-life.

Religion should be a simple celebration of life. Think of God in terms of bliss, and then God is a totally different phenomenon, then it is not in the temples, in the mosque, in the churches. Then it has to be found in love, beauty, music, poetry.

 ~ Osho ~

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