Kay Salady ~ Ripples in the Water


Ripples in the Water

Ripples in the water
Release a soul to earth
The breath of life is taken
At the moment of her birth
An angel fell from heaven
To familiarize with man
By inhabiting the mortal
She comes to understand
The life within the vessel
As it fills with so much love
At moments, her heart wrestles
To revisit realms above
She gets an empty feeling
She cannot comprehend
There’s nothing here to satisfy
And no one to defend
The inner need that cries
For but a drop of care
Only in the solitude
Of her earnest prayer
Does she come to realize
That someone’s always there
Who never will forsake her
No matter come what may
And like ripples in the water
His love won’t fade away


©Kay Salady

Photography by Zena Holoway

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