Meditation in Motion ~

When you think of meditation, you may think of something very serious and focused, something performed on the floor without support, or something that’s physically challenging to do. But in fact, the practice of meditation includes a wide range of techniques you can practice anytime, in any way, including many that are appropriate for a mid-day yoga break at home or in the office.

Best of all, meditation doesn’t have to be practiced sitting still. To do a walking meditation, simply keep your mind in the present as you take a mindful walk around the office or the block. The idea is not to walk to get somewhere, but simply to enjoy the walk. If you want, repeat a meaningful phrase to yourself in a rhythmic cadence that fits comfortably with your movement and your breath. For example, as you breathe in, take four steps in time with a phrase such as “Gratefully I walk and say…” As you breath out, take four steps in time with another phrase, such as “Thank you for this lovely day.” (You can also do this kind of moving meditation with other rhythmic forms of exercise, such as swimming laps or jogging.)

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