Ascension Through Light and Sound ~


The Splendor Kingdom of Harmony and Oneness

Something in writing to depict and define,
an exceptional feeling; illusive and fleeting,
Only to be felt and never to die,
Is there no way in spoken words to describe?

The beauty of night, intensified by light,
reflecting the shadows of the son’s chosen rays,
upon splendor of mountains and seas calming waves.

Silent Beauty, in a whisper speak,
A sudden lesson and a long felt weep.
In a crystallized moment of wonderment and despair,
all intimate desires repeat and compare.

Through the night, so much is felt, do we hurt or do we help.

In a search, so savage we seek, a long wished desire,
with only the reminder,
That the journey of the soul,
is not one that affords the weak.

Lovers lost and never gained,
filled with an empty retaliation,
that lends one to a rebellious rein.

With love and courage our passion is blind,
Bitter blue skies shed buried deep feelings,
ones that you’ve loved and ones that you hide.

To give up your pain and grow from your sorrow,
To begin life again and look for tomorrow.

The arousal of beauty so buried in heart,
comes close to the surface,
after being in parts.

To gain a new strength, in a belief of the light,
creates such an aura that burns,
in your strife.

With the knowledge of light, your life has no end,
The light creates sound and develops a tone,
and with the aura the light does lend,
you eventually develop
and your life will transcend.

Juneau, Alaska
North Douglas Point
November 1984
@ Wendy L. Zake

This poem was written 28 years ago, it came to me, one night in November in 1984, it makes more sense to me today. I have been seeing light since I was child. Sometimes in dust particles or light in the garden, where the butterflies were. I thought everyone could see it.

Notes: Excerpts from:
“The Journal – A Life on the Mystical Tour”
“As The Tortilla Burns”
By: Wendy L. Zake
@2007 – 2010 All rights reserved

August 25th 2010
The tone is sending me messages. I am researching the different frequencies. A web site, has threes sounds, OM, AH, & HU. HU is the closest to what I hear. You enter into a chamber of sound of the world. It is bringing the world to peace and love.

August 22nd 2010
I have been hearing a new high frequency tone for over two months. At first it was very loud and hurt my ears. I took a long bath in crystal salts, I was directed to lie down and mediate. As my body relaxed, a internal adjustment began in my body and my muscles began to twitch along my spine. Through my legs to my crown. The tone began to calm down, it’s a high level frequency, but faint. When I am silent, it is all I hear.

August 21st 2010
Use your inner sound current to manifest your life. Think positive thoughts to direct your life in the direction you want your life to go.

“Souvenirs” A screenplay
A young woman has a wide awake mystical vision while traveling throughout Central and South America, in 1975. At the time, she had no experience to understand the meaning of the message, “We will find you” She lets the message fade from memory for 25 years, when it suddenly reappears to her in the form of a visible white light orb. At first she thought something was wrong with her eyes, the light has remained with her for the past 12 years. After researching the curious event revealed in the vision, she is led on a past life experience that takes her to Mexico for seven years. She is released of all the memories in a harrowing experience of life and death and returns to the US. After 3 years of struggling to understand the life events that have plagued her life, she is instructed to listen to the inner sound current to redirect her life to her soul’s true’s purpose.

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