Deva Means Divine ~

Posted By Deepak Jain
Deva means divine, gatya means movement – divine movement. Life is a movement, and misery arises because we don’t go with the movement. Either we start clinging to the past, then we obstruct the movement; or we start planning for the future, then too we obstruct the movement. To be with the movement one needs to be without past and without future. Then one is movement; one is life and one is god.
And once there is no disparity between you and life’s movement, there is joy, there is bliss. The harmony between you and the great life is what bliss is.

It is a state of harmony between the part and the whole. Once we start thinking of our own directions, of our own plans and ideas, we are no more with the whole; we have started moving apart. And the farther we are from the whole, the more miserable we are; we cannot live without the whole. Misery is simply an indication that you are not in tune, that you are not in harmony, that your roots are not really in the soil, that- you are getting uprooted.

That’s how the feeling of alienation comes in: one starts feeling as if one is a stranger – but we create it. We are not strangers – this life is ours, this whole existence belongs to us. But for it to belong to us we have to belong to it. There should be no disparity. We should not have our own ideas. We should simply relax with the whole, go with the whole, go with the flow.

Going with the flow is the meaning of gatya. The English word ‘go’ comes from the same root ‘gatya.’


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