Man Is A Rainbow ~

Man Is a rainbow


Posted By Deepak Jain

Man is a rainbow, I say, because a rainbow will give you the total perspective in which man can be understood — from the lowest to the highest. The rainbow has seven colors,man has seven centers of his being. The allegory of the seven is very ancient. In India, the allegory has taken the form of seven chakras: the lowest is MULADHAR and the highest is SAHASRAR and between these two are five steps, five more chakras. And man has to pass through all these seven chakras — seven steps towards the divine.


Ordinarily, we are stuck at the lowest. The first three — MULADHAR, SVADHISTHAN and MANIPURA — are animal chakras. If you live in the first three you are no more different than the animals — and then you are committing a crime. Not that you are actually committing a crime — you are committing a crime because you will not be able to be what you were meant to be; you will miss the possibility. If a seed does not grow to be a flower, it has committed a crime — against nobody; against himself. And the sin that one commits against oneself is the greatest. In fact, we commit sins towards others only when we have committed the first, fundamental sin against ourselves.

~ Osho ~

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