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Chances are you are going to make a New Year’s resolution that involves things such as hitting the gym, losing some weight and eating more healthy food. It’s also likely that you’ve been down this road before, with varying degrees of success. Which is okay, you’re definitely not alone! Witness the post-New Year’s crush at your local fitness center or workout studio — filled with newbies who are full of ambitious goals but short on stamina, technique and stick-to-itiveness. In a few short weeks, half of them are likely to fail at the goals they’ve set and will be gone. Don’t let yourself be one of them.

The problem isn’t a lack of motivation or zeal for self-improvement — otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many people waiting in line for the workout equipment or jostling one another for a spot on the exercise floor to begin with. The problem is a lack of the patience and fortitude necessary to get through the initial crowded days and become a long-term “survivor.” Then you begin to see results. It’s called a resolution and you need to be resolute through the difficult days. You do this by fostering patience, not ambition.

If you want a little aromatherapy help to inspire a path to patience, choose balancing essential oils that aren’t overly invigorating or stimulating but also aren’t overly relaxing and calming. These oils include: geranium, lavandin, clary sage, sweet marjoram, balsam fir needle and sweet orange. Sometimes all it takes is a simple whiff from the bottle, but these recipes are even more helpful.

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Balsam Fir Needle

Patience & Resolve Workout Room & Body Spray

4 ounces water
8 drops lavandin oil
8 drops balsam fir needle oil
8 drops sweet orange oil

Directions: Place water and oils in a spray mister bottle and shake vigorously. Use as a balancing room freshener or personal peace-inspiring body mist.

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Sweet Marjoram

Patience & Fortitude After-Workout Body Oil

3 drops sweet marjoram oil
3 drops balsam fir needle oil
3 drops sweet orange oil
1/4 cup sweet almond or apricot kernel oil

Directions: Blend oils and apply as a soothing massage oil after a workout — or as a moisture-preserving application on damp skin after your post-workout shower.


Choose Geranium
for Balance & Peace

Patchouli essential oilGeranium is the quintessential oil to encourage an attitude of acceptance and inspire a sense of healthy equilibrium when life gets hectic and you feel overcommitted and overwrought. Geranium features a rosy-floral aroma that is calming but never cloying and an herbal-freshness that is never too stimulating or invigorating. It’s just right when you need to take a moment to take a deep breath and begin again with a healthy outlook.

Geranium & Grapeseed
Balancing Body Oil

1 ounce grapeseed oil
3 drops geranium oil
3 drops Mandarin orange oil
1 drop sandalwood oil

Directions: Add essential oils to grapeseed oil, and shake well to incorporate. Smooth into damp skin after cleansing.

Geranium, Lavender & Patchouli Scents of Peace Body Mist
4 ounces water
12 drops geranium oil
9 drops lavender oil
3 drops patchouli oil

Directions: Mix ingredients in a spray mister bottle, shake well, and apply 2 to 3 spritzes to face, neck and body.

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