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Quartz Crystal


✣Quartz Crystal ✣

Quartz in general acts as an amplifier of all energies, body, mind and spirit, and has as many formations as we do personalities. Crystals tend to draw “like minded” energies to them and can aid in communication with the spirit realm.
Quartz crystal can help to facilitate psychic and healing awareness and abilities.

They can be used to clear and energize the energy centers (Chakras) of the body at all levels.
They are a manifestation of pure “love and light” and are a constant reminder of the blessings of beauty, love and healing of our Creator.

A crystal with smaller crystals attached to the base or side
A bringer of Abundance, Prosperity, Good Health
Excellent for fighting depression and recharging
energy levels

A crystal with a face containing 5 sides
Represents Wisdom, Right-Mindedness and Fidelity in Love
Celebrates the “Goddess Within” and honors the
energies of healing and creation
Helps one to cope with grief or loss.

A crystal with a 7-sided main face and a triangle directly opposite
Represents a “Seeker of Spiritual Ideals, the Student
of the Mystic
Helps one to access knowledge from “within and without”
and can aid in communication with “spirit guides”

A crystal with a damaged point
Enhances personal truths, integrity, and helps one to live a “right-minded life
Helps one to know the “warrior within” and aids in
fighting one’s inner-most fears
A wonderful stone for protection and safe-guarding spirit

A small slender crystal with smaller faces and a wider base
Facilitates a refined communication with other worlds
Excellent tools for those who work with energy or vibrational healing
Focuses direct energy with accuracy and precision

A long, clear extremely narrow crystal
A wonderful tool for alternative and vibrational healing
Can help to “stitch together” scattered patterns of energy
Extremely effective when used with acupressure points

A crystal where all six faces form a perfect pyramid point
Wonderful tool for generation, projection and concentration
of energy of other crystals or minerals
Helps to stimulate telepathic communication, especially in groups of healers and teachers

A crystal with a 3 or 6-sided recessed shape somewhere on
the crystal
Can be used to “unlock the doors” to healing or psychic awareness
Helps you to access missing information

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