Weekly Affirmations ~ January 10 -17,2013

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This Week’s Affirmations will open your Heart to Love.  Love is All There is.

Relationship Affirmations / Love Affirmations

Are one of the many powerful ways to deliberately design the future of your relationship. Love affirmations/relationship affirmations can used to complement relationship creative visualization.



How to use relationship affirmations/love affirmations

You can never heal relationships by talking and thinking about how awful it is. Love affirmations help heal your relationship by turning your thoughts away from the problems and help create new thoughts that will produce a solution.

Relationship Affirmations/Love Affirmations

  • I see you clearly with the eyes of pure, unconditional love. I love what I see.
  • My marriage made in heaven is made manifest on earth.
  • The Holy God transforms my marriage into a joyous, intimate one.
  • Every day in every way our marriage is getting better, better and better.
  • My partner and I are very much in love with each other.
  • The Holy Godperfectly aligns my partner and I physically, sexually, emotionally and intellectually.
  • I draw love and romance into my life and I accept it now.
  • My partner is loyal to me.
  • I am magnetic and irresistible to my partner.
  • I radiate pure, unconditional love towards my partner.
  • From time to time I ask my husband, “How can I love you more?”
  • I choose to see my husband clearly with the eyes of love and compassion, I love what I see.
  • Love happens! I release the desperate need for love. I release the need for my partner to approve of me. I allow love to find me easily and effortlessly.
  • Love is all around me. I feel everywhere. Joy fills my entire world.
  • I was born to learn to love myself more, and to share that love with people around me.
  • My partner is the love of my life and we adore each other.
  • I rejoice in the love I encounter everyday.
  • I now deserve love, romance, and joy–and all the blessings that life has to offer me.
  • Love is all there is!
  • Only love is real.
  • I radiate pure, unconditional love towards my partner.
  • I am safe in all my relationships. I am always treated well.
  • Long-lasting, loving relationships brighten my life.
  • I am very grateful for all the love in my life. I find it everywhere.
  • I am surrounded by love. All is well.
  • My heart is open to love. I speak loving words to my spouse.
  • I have a wonderful partner, and we are both happy and at peace.
  • I come from the loving space of my heart, and I know that love opens new possibilities.
  • There is no problem so big or so small, that it cannot be solved with love.
  • There is no problem so big or so small, that it cannot be solved by Jesus.
  • Deep at the center of my being is an infinite well of love. Holy God dwells in me.
  • I am in a joyous intimate relationship with a person who truly loves me.
  • My relationships are mirrors that show me myself.
  • I am now learning from all my relationships.
  • I laugh with my husband more and more each day.
  • My relationships are helping me to heal and love myself.
  • I am strong, vulnerable, and loving in my relationships.
  • I deserve love and sexual pleasure.
  • All is well in my marriage. Really.
  • I am now ready to accept a happy, fulfilling relationship.
  • I am now ready for my relationships to work.
  • I love myself and I naturally attract loving relationships into my life.
  • I am now attracting exactly the kind of relationship I want.
  • I am now divinely irresistible to my perfect mate.
  • All difficulties between me and ________ are now being healed.
  • The more I love myself, the more I love ___________.
  • I love ____________ and____________ loves me.
  • All of the changes in my marriage and life are positive. I am safe.
  • I am open to receiving love and to extending it.
  • I interact with my husband positively and joyfully more and more each day.
  • I/We remain focused on the big picture in our marriage.
  • Giving my husband unconditional love makes me feel energized.
  • I enjoy performing small acts of kindness for my husband. I love to see joy on his face.
  • I always keep a sense of humor about things in my marriage.
  • I am always centered and in present moment in my life and marriage.
  • I accept, respect, and enjoy our differences. Differences add interest and variety to my marriage.
  • I look for ways to contribute to my partner’s growth and happiness. I support my partner in their goals unselfishly, knowing that it will make them happy.
  • I respect what my partner has to say. I listen to my partner with genuine interest. I offer empathy when appropriate.
  • I desire love, so I give my partner love.
    I desire respect, so I give my partner respect.
    I desire cooperation, so I give my partner cooperation.
    I desire compassion, so I give my partner compassion.
    I desire control, so I give my partner control!

For women:

  • I am feminine and full of grace.
  • I am feminine and receptive.
  • I possess great inner-strength.
  • I am fully receptive and appreciative for all the love that my partner showers upon me.
  • I release excessive control. I live and let live in my marriage.
  • I am receptive to my husband’s romantic advances.
  • I greatly admire and respect my husband for all that he is.
  • I admire and respect my partner because …
  • I verbalize my respect and admiration for my partner daily.
  • My feminine energy compliments and blends perfectly and beautifully with my partner’s masculine energy.

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