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You might wonder where I find these articles.    I like to think of myself as creative, an intellectual and a caring  person.  I often spend quite a bit of time alone, working on this website, looking for interesting articles to post, for you, my readers.  At other times, I am making a new Affirmation video or working on my own books or writing down a poem. I spent today reading, surfing the net for new things and people.  People I would like to talk too or learn something from.  Some days, I just need a bit of inspiration to spark a new idea.  What about You?

Today I found a new site called ArchetypeMe.com after reading the article below.  The site creates a website just for you around likes and other Archetype’s like your self.  I took the test, linked my Facebook and now I am sharing with you.  I have set up a new page, and every day they automatically post new and interesting articles, photo’s and  new ideas.

Caroline Myss has written the book, Archetypes: Who Are You?  Her article is a great introduction.  Links to her book and the test are at the bottom of page.

So, Take the Test and find out What’s Your Archetype, and Sign up for a fun website.

Oh and It’s Free…..

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By Caroline Myss
Are You The Creative Archetype?

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to being a writer and an author? Archetypes are universal patterns of behavior that, once discovered, help you better understand yourself and your place in the world. In her new book, Archetypes: Who Are You?, visionary author Caroline Myss gives an in-depth portrayal of The Artist/Creative, one of the primary archetypes where writers often emerge. See if you resonate with any of the characteristics below:




The Artist/Creative is one of the most intriguing archetypes because of its profound contribution to the evolution of the human psyche and the many ways in which it expresses itself. The Artist/Creative’s journey is one of imagining, interpreting and giving form to what the ordinary eye cannot see. In all its expressions—artist, performer, storyteller, creator—the Artist/Creative archetype pulsates with a need to reveal the many colors in the spectrum of life.

Life Journey: To cultivate the imagination and explore new forms of creative expression.

Unique Challenge: To overcome the fear of not being original.

Universal Lesson: To not diminish or ignore your talent but instead to develop your unique artistic gifts.

Defining Grace: Creativity.

Inner Shadow: Fear of being ordinary or unacknowledged for your artistic gifts, or resentful that you chose not to develop your inner Artist/Creative.

Myths of the Artist/Creative: I will never be able to support myself if I pursue a career in the arts. Artist/Creatives are temperamental and eccentric, and lead counterculture lives. Substance abuse is a risk of the creative life.

Behavior Patterns and Characteristics:

  • You see beauty everywhere
  • You come alive in front of an audience
  • You play music or appreciate it
  • You dream of seeing your name on the bestseller list
  • You can’t wait to find your art form
  • You commit wholeheartedly to realize your creative dream

Lifestyle Challenge: Can I develop my talent and express myself, or will fear of failure or humiliation hold me back?

Checklist for the Artist/Creative:

  • I take time to create every day, giving my imagination free rein.
  • I have friends and mentors who support my vision and creative lifestyle.
  • I surround myself with beautiful things that inspire me.
  • I have the patience to create without immediate material gain.
  • I affirm my talent every day, without worrying about what others think.

Step into your Archetype:
Once you decide that the Artist/Creative archetype defines you, the next step is finding the right vehicle to express it. If you are already working on your book or setting up your next speaking engagement—congratulations on tapping into the power of your archetype. But if you’re still wondering how to move from thinking about writing to actually doing it, try acting as if you are an Aritst/Creative for an hour—or a day or a week. Do something artistic and notice if you feel energized. Hang around the Artist/Creatives and drink in the creative inspiration. No matter how your inner Artist/Creative speaks to you, pay attention and be responsive. By all means, start small. Instead of composing a rock opera, try your hand at writing a song. But don’t just come up with a few bars of melody and a line or two of lyrics, and then stop. If you are an Artist, you have a spiritual obligation to gift the world with your talent. Keep going.

Which archetype are you? Take the quiz!




Caroline Myss has been in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness for more than 20 years. She is the New York Times best-selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contracts and Defy Gravity. You can find more intriguing details about The Artist/Creative and more primary archetypes in Caroline’s new book, Archetypes: Who Are You? Visit Caroline’s website at http://www.myss.com

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