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In Your Memory

Posted by Deepak Jain

STORE IN YOUR MEMORY THE MELODY YOU HEAR. There are moments, rare, unique, but still there are moments when you come nearer to the melody of existence. Situations may be different, but the melody is the same. A child running after a butterfly, a child picking flowers in a garden, a child just lying relaxed on the grass, feels a certain harmony in the existence, feels a certain melody.In that moment, lying on the grass relaxed or running – running for a butterfly, or running to gather flowers – or, not doing anything: just playing with pebbles on the shore – in that moment, the child is totally one with existence. There is no regret, no negativity. The child accepts the existence as it is and is accepted by existence.

When you accept existence, the existence accepts you. When you reject, you are rejected. You are echoed by existence. Whatsoever you do with it is done with you.

The child accepts. There is no past for the child, no future. The moment, the present moment, is enough. The child exists here and now. Then he feels a certain harmony; a melody is felt.

That is why, later on, even when you become very old, you go on remembering childhood; you go on saying childhood was a paradise. Why? Because many moments happened when you were totally accepting. And a child is totally accepting. The moment the child starts rejecting, he is no longer a child. Childhood is lost, paradise is lost.

Remember some moments of your childhood when you had the feeling that life was bliss, that just to be was ecstatic. Just to be, just to breathe, was enough. You didn’t need anything to make you blissful. Whatsoever you were was enough to be blissful.

Gather those moments. Remember them, relive them. Sometimes, forget your age. Close your eyes and move back, regress, be a child again. Not just remembering, but reliving. Be a child again.

~ Osho ~

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