A Valentine Poem ~

valentine flame

They said falling in love
Is mostly once-upon-a-time story
But wake up my Darling, just look at me

There is a sign in the heavens
Another light in the darkness
I swear on the Angel, I belong to you
Love doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day
It just has to be.
In time. In place. In spirit.
It just has to be

You are the dream of a sweet summer night
My first snow fall
The song I had to sing out loud
A rolling sea shell in the incoming surf
Dew drop on a morning rose
You are the sun, the moon, the stars, and all the planets
The reason to dance in the rain

Whatever it is. I’m up for it
I’ll paint you moments of gold
I’ll spin you Valentine evenings
As long as it means I’ll always be with you
Happy Valenine’s day

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