Your Horoscopes ~ March 2013 ~ All Signs


By Rose Marcus @


March Overview:

It’s happening in Rome, Syria, Washington, Ottawa, and everywhere else. The moment is infused with more than the usual karmic potency. Saturn, newly in retrograde, sets the program for a vital restructuring process to work its way through the system. This process comes packaged with a number of layers to unfold, stages to anchor, and thresholds to cross. In this regard, the next several weeks and next several months are a forward thrust for all. Mercury, by retrograde and direction motion, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and the rest of the stellar workforce, are building a preliminary framework now. By fall, the new platform will be fully built and secure enough to stand on.

Mercury in Pisces retrograde continues to March 17. Extra caution is advised. Pump up your immune system, get more quality sleep, make sure to lock up, shut off, turn off, measure twice, and protect your password too. Watch for potential leaks or drains, and for emotionalism to cloud rationale, or for the mind to cloud the heart. Also watch your alcohol consumption or other vices. It is easier now to lose track, lose sight, or sink deeper. If you need/want an escape, make sure it is a healthy one. Mercury retrograde in Pisces will expose or reveal what has been missed or overlooked so far.

On March 5, Mercury retrograde aligns with the sun. This is the informing peak of the retrograde cycle. The sun brings matters to a fuller awareness. There can be yet more information gathering or surfacing, but for the most part by this point, you’ll see how it’s shaping up or shaking out. Even though Mercury retrograde continues, March 5 to 11 can be a productive work-it-out, or nail-it-down time. March 6 is a particularly constructive date for talks, negotiations, mapping out a plan, formalizing an agreement, dealings with authority, financial matters, etc.

Mar 9 to 11 there will be a total of seven planets in Pisces. That’s an ocean of potential and emotion on brew. It is an iconic moment, not only for Catholics, but for us all. Pisces is the archetype that correlates to ultimate ideals and values, to faith, hope, and dreams. It is also one that correlates to an ultimate calling/path of service, to the desire for redemption, and also to an ultimate other, be that a lover or the divine. On the flip side, Pisces also correlates to loss, disillusionment and escapism, something we see far too much of these days. Pisces new moon on March 11 is energized by both Mercury retrograde (square Jupiter) and the advance of Mars into Aries. If you can still yourself long enough, you should be able to find inner answers and to pinpoint what has eluded you so far. It is a clarifying time. What disintegrates or falls by the wayside simply paves way for that which is gaining momentum. The Pisces/Aries mix allows for the budding potential to preview itself in a more obvious presentation. Even though Mercury retrograde is often a time when it is difficult to finalize decisions, I suspect the conclave will be a short one and that a new pope will be quickly announced. Canada’s spring break week coincides well with this new moon.

As of the Vernal Equinox on March 20, expect to hit the ground running. Mars in Aries, continuing to April 19, provides a much different energy than Mars in Pisces. If you couldn’t get yourself focused or motivated, couldn’t make the connection, or find what you were looking for in the past few weeks, you will now. If it wasn’t happening previously, it will be by this point. Of course Mars in Aries is sure to spark more anger, aggressiveness, violence, and bloodshed out there somewhere.

Venus, the other half of the relationship duo, enters Aries on March 21, just one day after the Spring Equinox. To April 15, Venus in Aries keeps the passion on high. Watch for a livelier financial/economic climate too. April 20 to 22 should be quite active. Mars sparks Uranus on March 22. When the iron’s hot, it’s anything goes. When passion ignites or destiny strikes, it strikes with full force. There’ll be no time wasted, that’s for sure. The fresh season thrusts into us full steam ahead in the blink of an eye. Let us hope all this hotwired energy does some lasting good. Revisions to the US gun laws need to be fast tracked. Clean energy initiatives need to be fast tracked too.

The full moon in Libra on March 27 can be a fire-starter, plus or minus. A triple conjunction between the sun, Venus, and Uranus accompanying the Libra full moon on Mar 27 makes for added excitement and/or overload (social, personal, expense wise.) Legal matters can come to a head. There can also be added volatility, extremes or extremists in higher visibility. Uranus can always be relied on to produce something unexpected. Mar 26, Passover, leads into the full moon with Mars square Pluto. A full moon can be polarizing and it even more so when it occurs across the Libra/Aries axis. Of course the biggest buzz for this full moon is likely to be the anticipation surrounding the new pope’s inaugural Easter. Noting the dynamic transits just as Easter Observance gets underway I suspect the new and younger pope’s approval rating will be quite high from the get go. The crowds are likely to turn out in significant numbers. Elsewhere, we are likely to see heated political climates, political campaigns, and economic/financial markets in full swing. While his rashness is often a strike against him, Justin Trudeau’s Chiron in Aries pegs him as the race horse for the Canadian Liberal Party leadership.


New Moon: March 11, 12:51 pm (12:24 Pisces)

Full Moon:  March 27, 2:27 am (6:52 Libra)

March 11: Mars enters Aries (11:26 pm)

March 13: Juno into Aquarius (0:12 am)

March 17: Mercury ends retrograde (1:03 pm)

March 20: Vernal Equinox, Sun enters Aries (4:02 am)

March 21: Venus enters Aries, (8:15 pm)

March 30: Pallas into Taurus (4:38 am)

*Please note, all times listed are Pacific time, please check your local listings

Dates to watch: March 4 – 8, 10 – 13, 15, 17, 18, 20 – 22, 26 -29, 31

ARIES (March 21- April 19)

What’s on brew holds much more life-force than is visible to you now.  There’s no need to dig for it, it will surface naturally. The week of Mar 4 to 9 is a productive one. You should find that things sort out bit by bit, and that overall, you feel you are getting to where you need to be.

The Pisces new moon on Mar 11 serves to clarify matters, perhaps in a surprising or unexpected way. Thanks to a breakthrough Mercury retrograde aspect and the advance of Mars enters Aries, this new moon sets a more definitive cut to the chase. As the days move ahead, you are likely to find plenty is heating up, inside you and around you too.  Watch for passion, creativity, and instincts kick into high gear. Take note that impatience, intolerance, or impetuousness can get the better of you too, especially so around Mar 22 and again as the Mar 27 full moon builds.

While the Mar 11 new moon offers a particularly potent fresh start – and also a karmic re-contract time – there’s still a little more Mercury retrograde to go. Continue to keep observing and monitoring the experience and the message, and look to the Spring Equinox Mar 20 onward for full throttle time.

Mars in Aries, Mar 11 to April 20, is sure to keep you fired up and going great guns, especially so from Mar 20 – 22, and to end of the month. Venus in Aries, Mar 21 to April 13, can spark a new passion or ignite your creativity. Either way, expect for life to move along fast. When something or someone new fires up, it’s either hot or its not.

The Libra full moon on March 27, opposes Mars in Aries so you can expect an intense go of relationship matters, especially so if you are born Mar 26, 27, June 30, July 1 (USA’s birthday), Sept 30 – Oct 2. Then again, the full moon can simply divert the attention to Passover, Easter, and/or a vacation break.

TAURUS (April 20 -May 20)

With so many planets now in transit through Pisces, you are likely to find yourself deeply submerged where-ever you are. Of course, “where-ever you are” can change from moment to moment, whim to whim, or mood to mood. (If it’s glass to glass, or drug to drug, it’s time to take a deeper look in the mirror.) Unless you need to, you aren’t likely to navigate your day by the clock. As is typical of Mercury retrograde serendipity, you are likely to hear from more folks or to bump into familiar faces with more frequency over the coming weeks.

Should you need to get a better handle on things or want to take advantage of potentials in the first half of this month, March 6 to 8 are productive for talks, planning, revisions and revisits. The new moon on March 11 is also stage setting. Although Mercury retrograde doesn’t end until March 17, this new moon and the week that follows offer a lucrative head-start time.

Mars in Aries, coinciding with the new moon Mar 11, gives you a much needed background boost.  Once both the sun, starting Mar 20, and Venus, starting Mar 21, also advance into Aries, your budding prospects, passion, ambition, and creativity will pick up a lot more steam. Survival or sexual needs can be on a fire-up too.

The Libra full moon on Mar 28 and the days surround it can bring more complexity at work or with relationships. Too you could find yourself on a financial stretch. A full moon is polarizing. This one can make you feel short-changed by others or yourself. If you can’t get satisfaction/full value out of the moment, its time to look at other options. This full moon can spark new creative or money making ideas. If you are on the right track, this full moon can spark a relationship or personal breakthrough. Whether you observe Easter, Passover, or simply take advantage of a long weekend, the end of the month is a good time to take a short break.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)

Control and consistency is hard to maintain while so many planets tenant Pisces. Mercury retrograde can cloud issues and or make you lose sight of what’s truly important. While you can be overwhelmed by the larger forces at play, it is the right time to let go of your preconceptions and to place more trust in the unfolding process. Conscious surrender is appropriate now.

Beyond spring break, the Pisces new moon on Mar 11 can bring you to a significant goal post or finish line. It may be a time of added recognition, reward, or a sudden release. One door closes, another immediately opens.

If you have had a hard time finding the inspiration, energy or right direction, don’t sweat it. The start of the month and the end of the month are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Mars in Aries, starting Mar 11, is followed later in the month by the Sun in Aries, starting Mar 20, and Venus in Aries, starting Mar 21. Expect your social life, income opportunities, creativity, and romantic potentials to fire up in the last ten days of the month. Mar 20 to 23, invent it as you go along. Look around and you’ll see plenty of fresh opportunity. Something or someone unexpected can get the ball rolling a lot faster.  Same goes for the Libra full moon Mar 27 and the days surrounding it. Mar 28 can be a particularly exciting, perhaps even a lucky day. The sun, Venus and Uranus make great socializing, sharing, and connecting. In addition to making the most of Easter or Passover, the end of the month is an ideal time to take a break and or to set off in a new direction.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)

Despite Mercury retrograde, you seem to have some good things going for you as March begins. Mar 1, 2, profile yourself professionally or socially, or scout around, or spend quality time with your loved ones.

Mercury retrograde can keep you focused on future prospects, and also on past plans, locations, or relationships that still hold a high charge for you. It’s hard to tell how the weather will hold up, but travel is in the cards for some. Mercury retrograde is also a good time to work on publishing projects, to glam up your website or marketing.

For the most part you can ease your way along, but once the new moon on Mar 11 hits, it’s time to light a fire. You’ve been craving more independence, freedom, and fresh stimulus for some time. There’s better opportunity for it now. A new professional direction, project, or business venture is ideally timed, especially so, once the sun (Mar 20 – April 19) and Venus (Mar 21 – April 15) make their trek into Aries. A feisty streak looks good on you. Put that fighting spirit to work and get going on your financial get-ahead, diet, or health plan. Mars in Aries can also find you breaking more rules (yours or theirs), engaged in a battle against the system, or in conflict with a parent, boss, or another authority figure. Mar 22, 26, 27 and 31, can be particularly challenging in this regard. The Libra full moon on April 27 can put you under added financial or family pressure. You could feel hit with one thing after another. On the positive, you may find you are able to make a breakthrough with someone or something. Then again, the full moon and holiday weekend can simply offer you an opportunity to enjoy a well deserved break.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

Six planets in Pisces can keep you swimming in the deep end, emotionally or financially. Mercury retrograde can cause financial drain. There can be opportunity worth exploring too, but remember to keep your feet planted until the cycle finishes on Mar 17. The first half of the month can be a time of letting go or open up, of disillusionment and disintegration, or it can be a time full of budding potential.

Whether it/they are currently in your life or it/they have already disappeared, Mercury retrograde can keep you fantasizing about what if or if only.  A lover, ally or foe, an obsession can consume you. Or if are you more spiritually inclined, you are likely to feel an even deeper yearning for that ultimate path of service or for a more encompassing relationship with the divine.  This dynamic concentration of Pisces energy is wonderful for creativity and artistic expression.

The Pisces new moon on Mar 11 brings the sense that it’s all just around the corner – and it is. Watch for the next few weeks and months will bring plenty to life. You’ll spring to life too, especially so after Mar 20 when Aries month begins. You’ll love the back-in-action feel of Venus in Aries, Mar 21 to 14. Something or someone new can like a great spark. On Mar 22, Mars/Uranus can dish up added excitement and/or something out of the blue. It’s a happening time for world news, politics, economic landscapes, speculative markets, weather, etc.

The Libra full moon on Mar 27 keeps the social action lively. News travels fast. Watch for something new to share or to try. Stay alert, Mar 27, 28 could deliver a stroke of luck or an exceptionally opportune/lucrative moment. Of course, impulsiveness can get the better of your head, heart, or wallet. If you gamble, know you limit. If you work in retail or with the public, know the few full-on days around the full moon are likely to be high pressure/quite demanding. Be prepared for anything goes and trust your instincts. Quick does the trick best. If you can book the extra time off and extend the holiday weekend, lucky you. Expect the time to fly by.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Put your anxiety to the side, keep it wide open for now and take it as it comes. With so many planets in Pisces right now, nothing is as clear or as certain as you’d like it to be. You’ll have to trust the universe is staging what is necessary and ideal for you.

Mercury retrograde takes you through an important review and reassessment cycle. What do you ultimately want for yourself? What do you ultimately desire from partnership? Are you in the right career or training program, or is something else calling to you? How can you fulfill your soul’s yearning? You’ll get a few key answers in the short range future. For now, submerge yourself in the process of here and now.

Mar 4 to 9 can be a productive, knock it down, set it up week. Mid week is a good time to sort out plans, agreements and contract terms, to talk things over, or to make another pitch.

The Pisces new moon on Mar 11 holds more than the usual potential and opportunity. Once ignited, you can expect things to move along very fast. Through April 19, Mars in Aries keeps you stoked and working with an even greater fighter spirit. Thanks to the added boost of the Vernal Equinox (Mar 21) and Venus in Aries (starting Mar 21), relationships and financial matters hit the race track in the latter portion of March and beginning of April. Just to alert you, take note that Mar 20 – 22 can also be a sharp corner turn. The unexpected could hit hard, don’t take chances with your health, wealth, or safety. If your due date falls in within this timeframe, you are likely in for a quick delivery. The Libra full moon on Mar 27 can also swing you to an extreme and/or pull you in too many directions at once. Then again, noting it is Easter and Passover time, an overload few days is to be expected.

LIBRA (Sept 22-Oct 22)

Now to Mar 17, Mercury retrograde can keep you swamped with work, repairs, health issues, or self doubt. Spring break and the upcoming holidays can keep you scrambling too. Even so, you’ll find the first ten days of the month to be productive. You’ll sort through more than usual. Time can simply evaporate.

Regarding relationships, work, and necessary improvement mandates, the Pisces new moon on Mar 11 sets you on a fresh page and a faster track. Mars in Aries, Mar 11 to April 19 calls for you to be more assertive and independent. New battles will simply help you to prove to yourself just how strong, tough, and deserving you are. Along with Venus in Aries, Mar 21 to April 15, watch for your social and love life to receive a fresh blast of energy.

Mar 20 – 22, 26 – 28 are demanding, full throttle dates. Something sudden and unexpected could take you by surprise. Use caution when driving, etc. and don’t let reactive emotions get the better of you. On the other hand, if a sudden flash, stroke of genius or irresistible opportunity hits, by all means, seize the moment.

Just one day after the Spring Equinox (Mar 20), Venus joins the sun in Aries. Sun, Venus and Mars fire up your social, partnership and romantic sector. That’s a lot of new energy and new possibility to draw from. Venus in Aries boosts your confidence, bravado, and libido. New financial prospects can burst on the scene too. April 6 begins a new Venus/Mars relationship chapter. You have a lot to look forward to.

SCORPIO (Oct 23~Nov 22)

Even though Mercury continues in retrograde, the start of the month finds you making good progress. Through Mar 17, Mercury helps you to readdress something that wasn’t quite right or complete. It can provide you with an opportune second chance, or perhaps you’ll find it is best wipe the slate clean and to start all over again. It’s also a productive time for more soul searching, creative exploration, research, or relaxation.  With so many planets in Pisces through the first half of the month, you are wise to aim for simplicity where-ever possible. Also aim for inner peace and outer harmony. If that means going your own way or doing your own thing rather than letting yourself get pulled in or distracted, so be it. The world can spin with out you for awhile.

On the other hand, Pisces month can be a good time to create some magic or mystique for yourself. If you need or want the attention, it can be easy to source. If you are on the right professional or social track, your public profile and notoriety can grow naturally.

The new moon on Mar 11 is particularly infused. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, a project, job, or cause, you are likely to find it in a snap. One way or another, Mars in Aries, Mar 11 to April 19 will put you back to work. Mars can also cause inflammation, so if there’s a problem you are likely to uncover it in short order. Mars meets with Uranus on Mar 22. This could be a volatile or disruptive day. On the other hand, it could be an excellent day for upgrades and fresh starts, or for ditching the work altogether.

Venus in Aries, starting Mar 21, sets up a good time to look for new work or funding, to try a new approach, to welcome a new co-worker, to upgrade equipment, tools, etc.

The full moon on Mar 27 can be a time when it all hits at once. You could aim for peace, but it may not be what you get. The unexpected can give you a run for it. Be especially careful when driving, or Book yourself off work if you can and start the long weekend early.


Do you find yourself living in the past more than the present? Are you flooded with memories and unresolved feelings? Mercury’s retrograde tour through Pisces can take you on a nostalgic journey or an emotional back track. As is typical of Mercury retrograde, significant people from your past are likely to make a re-appearance. The increased concentration of Pisces energy also keeps you more deeply submerged in family, home, and security matters. You may find you recall more of your dreams. This will be especially true if you aren’t at peace with yourself. There’s a critical residue of the past that is calling on your attention.  Mercury retrograde provides an opportunity to revisit the issue, to revise your take on it, and to advancing the healing.

It is important now to take ample time to reflect on your feelings, relationships and circumstances. That which now surfaces needs time to find its even keel watermark. Allow your answers to shape up on their own. Surrender to the process. Remember that there is a bigger picture but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by it. Observe what’s going on around you and inside of you.

Mar 4 to 9 is a productive move-it-forward time. Whether you plan it or the opportunity simply arises, a feel-it-out talk can be productive. Accompanied by the advance of Mars into Aries, the new moon on Mar 11 dishes up a particularly potent brew. A fresh exploration, launch, or initiative is favoured by this new moon cycle. You’ll see just how much so as the month plays out.

It may have evaporated earlier in the month, but come the Spring Equinox, you’ll get your energy, inspiration, and libido back. Mar 20 to 23 is hotwired for action. On Mar 21 Venus advances into Aries. On Mar 22, Mars and Uranus collide. Watch for a sudden burst of energy, or for something unexpected to overtake you.

The full moon on Mar 27 can stir it up, perhaps unexpectedly so. A surprise visit, invitation or opportunity could arrive. When passion, raw emotions, or an instant gratification craving gets a hold of you, there’s no stopping you. A full moon in Libra calls for moderation, cooperation, or collaboration, but that may not be where you are at. Then again, from the look of the stars, you get to make it happen and/or call the shots. This full moon could also produce a financial windfall, but of course that depends on how your personal chart is set up. Still, when opportunity presents itself, fee free to try your luck on an instant win.


Mercury retrograde can keep you focused on what’s been lost, but with such an exceptional concentration on planets in Pisces, hopefulness for the future is budding on you too. If you can be honest with yourself, you are likely to readily admit that you are ready for a fresh page to begin.

Another way Mercury retrograde can get to you is to keep you preoccupied with other people and their problems. Should you reach out? You may be in a position to play rescuer, but is it wise to do so? Non-interference is sometimes an ultimate act of love.  On a more general note, be careful what you promise or volunteer. It could get you in deeper than you feel comfortable with.

Of course, while Mercury is in retrograde, it may be you that is in need of a rescue, or an escape. Take a short vacation or seek sanctuary in the way it suits you best, but keep a close eye on you vices. Don’t self undo with alcohol, drugs, food, etc. For the next couple of weeks you are more vulnerable and susceptible, physically and emotionally. Your sensitivity dial is way up. If something isn’t right, you’ll feel it right away. On the positive, the strong Pisces influence makes you more expressive, creative, open hearted, and more forth coming. Mercury conjoins Saturn on Mar 6 and Mar 28. Use these dates to say what you need to, work out a plan, to sign it/make it official, or to talk to an advisor, parent, or authority figure.

Accompanied by the advance of Mars into Aries, the instigate new moon on Mar 11 and the days that follow can push a significant refresh button or bring something out into the open. It’s likely it’s been on brew for awhile. It’s time to get on with spring renos, home and family matters too. This is spring break in Canada, so perhaps the new moon will simply suggest a change of pace week.

Once Mercury retrograde ends on Mar 17, you can gain whatever ground or momentum has been lost in the previous weeks. Mar 20 to 22, the stars are primed for action. Expect to be on a major race ahead. Mar 22, Mars in Aries conjoins Uranus. This aspect can be one of surprise opportunity, but it is also a sudden, cutting, volatile, eruptive, or disruptive influence. Be especially careful around angry people, sharp instruments, and pay close attention to your driving too. Accidents are within the range of possibility.

Beyond a good time to take an extended break, the Libra full moon on Mar 27 can dish up a full throttle couple of days.  Family duties and other responsibilities can pull hard on you, but do what you can to carve out some quality time for yourself too. If conversations started to get overly challenging, remove yourself from the heat of the moment.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20~Feb 18)

Mercury retrograde (to Mar 17) is best used to tune in and tune out. As best you can, aim to minimize outside distractions and to allow yourself to hear what your heart and soul wants to tell you. Pose the question, but give the universe time to put the answer together. Watch for the clues and signals, they can come in many shapes and sizes.

Mercury retrograde is also a time to review finances and career, material, or relationship aims. Along with Venus and the rest of the stellar gang in Pisces, it is ideal time for creative exploration, romance or spiritual quests.

There is something very potent stirring inside of you. The Pisces new moon Mar 11 sets it into faster motion. Watch for the coming weeks will reveal more and to deliver more too. If you have recently felt you have come up empty, or that you are losing rather than gaining ground, don’t give up hope. Give it five minutes and look around again. You are moving into a lucrative period regarding financial, professional, social, and romantic matters. Look to Mars, Mar 11 to April 19, and Venus, Mar 21 to April 14, in Aries to fire up something fresh. Mar 20 – 23, 26 – 28 are hotwired for action. The Libra full moon on Mar 28 delivers a great social opportunity. Watch for added excitement, luck, or serendipity. Beyond Passover or Easter observance, there could be someone special to meet, a special occasion to celebrate, or a surprise to share.

PISCES (Feb 19~March 20)

Showering you with an exceptional boost of energy, creativity, and potential, March opens with six planets in Pisces. Although we still have Mercury retrograde to contend with until Mar 17, you should feel yourself to be at a come-alive moment.

Re-visitation or resuming is appropriate when Mercury tours retrograde. The cycle can offer you a second chance at a fresh start. The next couple of weeks provide you with an opportunity to get going on something you’ve eyed previously but didn’t get too far with. You find better luck now. Mar 4 – 6 offer a productive time to sort things out, for a personal or official talk, meet-up, for marketing, creative development, or for making your presence better known. To April 21, Venus in Pisces brings added attention and favour your way. You might notice that saving grace moments happen more frequently or you now too.

The new moon on Mar 11 favours all fresh start initiatives. The advance of Mars into Aries on the new moon suggests there’s a vibrant life-energy stirring. You’ll see more of it surface once Mercury retrograde ends on Mar 17, and also once the sun (Mar 20) and Venus advance into Aries, (Mar 21). Mar 22, Mars conjunct Uranus on Mar 22 to kick it into much faster gear.

The Libra full moon on Mar 27 is also hot-wired for action. If you start to feel that relationship conflict is bringing you to a boil-over point, cut out for awhile. Nothing gets resolved in the heat of the moment. Then again, if passion is well met, run with it. When you are hot, why not? This can be a day of impulse and financial or emotional extravagance.

Mar 28, the sun, Venus, and Uranus keep the spark and excitement going strong. Whether you observe the holidays or not, it is a great time to connect and catch up.

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