Grounded in Gratitude ~ Blessings in the Unseen



Grounded in Gratitude


On the surface gratitude appears,

to arise from a sense,

that you are indebted to another person,

for taking care of you in some way.


Looking deeper, you will see that feeling,

is an ability, a heightened awareness of connection,

to everything else.


Gratitude flows when you break-out,

of a small self centered point of view,

to appreciate that through the labors,

intentions and even the simple existence,

of an inconceivable large number of people,

weather patterns, chemical reactions and the like,

you have been given the miracle of life,

with all the goodness in it.


The truth is, you are supported in countless ways,

through each moment of your life.


You awaken on schedule, when your alarm clock beeps,

thanks to the engineers, designers, assembly workers,

sales people and others,

who brought you your clock.


Your morning Yoga practice is a gift of generations of Yogis,

who observed the truth and shared what they knew.


Your body, for which you could thank your parents for,

the food that maintains your good health,

doctors, healers and you,

who cares for your body every day.


If your like most people,

you notice what goes wrong,

more often than what goes right.


Human beings are hay wired to notice,

how reality fails to meet some idea of how,

they think things should be.


How many times a day,

do you think disappointing, frustrating,

or sadness because others,

have not met your expectations in some way.


If you limit your attention,

to how life lets you down,

you blind yourself to the myriad of gifts,

you receive everyday.


When paying attention to detail,

you notice something small,

a smile, a gesture, a compliment.


This will show how grateful we are,

sharing our abundance with all those you meet.

Happiness, joy are the gifts that are small,

they can not be measured.


When you follow the garden to a higher path,

above the weeds of the superficial lowlands.

It is important to take along a gift,

as you leave for higher ground.


This gift, is not of the material kind,

Bringing nothing may seem like an error initially,

but the greatest gifts and fortunes cannot be seen.


Gratitude in abundance,

look for the simple,

and the unseen.


@ Wendy L. Zake

Tehachapi, Ca

June 28, 2008

@ All Rights Reserved 2013


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