Identification is Ignorance ~ Osho


Consciousness becomes identified because through identification the world is and through the world you can regain yourself. When Buddha attained he was asked, ”What have you achieved?” He said, ”Nothing. On the contrary, I have lost much. I have not attained anything because now I know that whatsoever I have attained was always there; it was my nature. It was never taken away from me, so I have not achieved anything. I have achieved that which was already there, which was already achieved. I have lost only my ignorance.”

Identification is ignorance. It is part of this great play – this cosmic LEELA, this cosmic play – that you will have to lose yourself to find yourself again. This losing yourself is just a way, and the only way, to regain yourself. If you have lost too much already, you can regain. If you have not yet lost yourself enough, you will have to lose more. And nothing can be done before that; no help is possible before that. Unless you are lost completely in the valley, in the darkness, in the SANSARA, in the world, nothing can be done. Lose so that you can gain. This looks paradoxical, but this is how the world is, how the very process is.

~ OSHO ~

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