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The challenges we face take on many forms. We may suffer from professional failures, loss of loved ones, anxiety, body image issues, chronic body pain or illness and much more. Any of these situations can damage the chakras and unbalance the system. Your abilities to overcome, to heal and to move on reside within your mindset. If you set your mindset to the tune of “I can do this,” then you can… Here you will find various tools that can help you do just that.

Chakra Healing Techniques to Restore Balance

Heal your chakras using healing tools - and your mind.

Reiki Healing: This non-invasive healing practice works with your higher self in order to restore health and well being to the body, mind and spirit. Reiki practitioners channel spirit energy in the person receiving this healing by placing their hands just above or directly on the affected area – the practitioner feels his/her way around a person’s energy, and zones in on blockages. You can send spirit energy into the entire body and it will concentrate in the areas it is needed most. It is a guided healing practice; the soul, when calmly focused properly, can effortlessly guide positive healing energy wherever it needs to go.

Color Therapy: Color in itself is a balancing life force. Many think of color as a simply an ability of sight, but each color has a specific frequency or wavelength, just like any other form of energy. You can use colors that correspond to each chakra to bring them back into balance. How it works: everything is energy. It’s not a coincidence that we perceive some colors to be energizing and some soothing. It has everything to do with their energetic signature. If one of your chakras is weak, use that color in your environment or in your clothing as a way to support that chakra.

Sound Therapy: Sound, of course, is vibration that we can feel (we are not consciously aware that everything is vibration, but we are certainly attuned – pun intended – to the vibration of sound. Experiment with music, bells, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and traditional instruments to seek out sounds that intuitively feel soothing and healing.

Sound therapy is a powerful healing modality.Yoga: Practicing yoga goes hand in hand with reiki healing. We use yoga to learn to balance the physical body while reiki is used to balanced the spiritual body. An open, balanced body means less opportunity for the spiritual body and the chakras to become unbalanced. Regular yoga practice can help heal many afflictions such as anxiety, certain cases of depression, arthritis, asthma and even some heart conditions. Yoga can also help focus the mind and is used for many who have suffered alcohol or other substance addictions.

Breathing Meditation: Breathing is one of the quickest, easiest yet most powerful ways to calm your system and realign the chakras after stressful events or anxiety have knocked them out of whack. Take deep, even breaths in through your nose and release them out through your mouth. Place your focus on the influx of air as you inhale and the relaxation of your entire body as you exhale. Your heart rate will slow down and become more even paced, which will allow the rest of your body and even mental functions to slow down. Breathe deep for tranquility; inner peace will bring healing at a moment’s notice.

Visualization: If you are looking to change or reposition your mindset in order to induce chakra healing, visualization is a key technique. Say you have gone through a rough breakup. You feel the aches of a broken heart or even the guilt at breaking the heart of another. You feel out of place, not yourself. This will affect your heart chakra, but may also negatively impact other chakras such as the sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra and throat chakra. Use visualization to help balance you out.

Visualization helps you see the chakras in perfect balance.Positive Affirmations: These can be favorite quotes, mantras or even sayings you came up with on your own. The point is they are meant to be strong enough to resonate within you and elicit powerful positive emotions. Affirmations are also used to keep you mindful of all that you are and all you can and will accomplish. A positive affirmation does not leave room for doubt, or thoughts of “I’ can’t,” or “I’m not good enough.” You can “say” your affirmations in your mind during meditation or healing sessions, or you can say them aloud to yourself or even aloud to another person if it helps you to get the point across to yourself. Use them with feeling, in the present tense, and focused on your desired outcome.

Balancing Through Crystals or Gemstones: Healing crystals possess specific colors and vibrations that correspond to each of the seven chakras. They are used to open the chakras and allow free flow of healing, loving, light energy. There are many other chakras in and around the body in addition to the seven main chakras. Crystals and gemstones are able to connect with these chakras as well providing more balance and healing energy. Clear quartz crystals in their regular form or with color added are good to use for healing all of the chakras. You can use other gemstones of varying colors, but remember those will only heal the chakras they correspond in color and energy to.

No one is spared from difficult life experiences, but that does not mean that we have to be forever affected or defined by them. Daily practice and guided discipline will provide a continuous cycle of healing and balancing, for your body and mind alike.

If you are in doubt which therapy is best for you, first take the Chakra Test to determine which of your chakras need some tender loving care and then apply the healing techniques which feel most natural and effective to you. Many can be used in conjunction with each other for greater effectiveness.

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