A Word on Friendship & Friendliness ~

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By Deepak Jain

The very word friendship is not of the heights – the word friendliness rises to the moon, to the sun – because the word friendship is just of the mind. It is confining; you can be in friendship with only a few people. But friendliness is vast; you can be friendly to the trees, to the mountains, to the stars.

Friendship is hiding a bondage too. All words like relationship, friendship, are superficial. Lovingness, friendliness, have a totally different meaning. When you are talking about friendship it is a very small thing – a kind of bondage and dependence on the person with whom you feel the friendship.

But friendliness is freedom – you are not dependent on anybody. Friendship is objective, and friendliness is your love shared unconditionally with the whole existence. They don’t mean the same thing. Friendship can become any moment its opposite; the so-called friend can turn into your enemy. But friendliness has no particular address. It is not for anybody, it is for the whole existence. It can never turn into its opposite.

Remember, that which can turn into its opposite very easily – and you know friends become enemies, enemies become friends – is very superficial, a false substitute. But friendliness is not addressed to anyone; it is the love overflowing within you, unconditionally. There is no possibility of it turning bitter – you are the master of it. In friendship you are not the master. Friendship is like marriage, an artificial thing, but friendliness is your very nature.

 ~ Osho ~

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