The Perfect Circle of Who You Are ~



Posted By Deepak Jain

Living a holy life means living each moment totally, without holding anything back. If you are dancing then become the dance, and that is the moment of holiness. If you are singing, become the song. If you are loving, become love.

What ever you are doing, do it with such joy, with such totality, with such involvement, commitment that you are no more separate from it. And soon you will see that this continuous experience of being totally involved integrates all your fragments into oneness. It molds you into an individual, into something indivisible. That is being holy.

It has nothing to do with being Christian or Hindu or Mohammedan, but it absolutely has something to do with the ultimate, because when you are total you become available to the ultimate. When you are total you are silent; all those fighting fragments are no more there, no noise is there. There is great stillness, and in that stillness God can descend.

God is whole, and unless we are also whole in our own small way we cannot know anything of God And one thing is beautiful about being whole: even if you are whole in your small way… The bigger whole and the smaller whole are not really different. It is like a small circle and a bigger circle; both are circles. As far as their being circles is concerned, both are perfect circles. Quantitatively they may be different but qualitatively they are not.

And that’s the beauty of being whole. You will be a small circle and God is the infinite circle, but that makes no difference. The moment you are a circle, entire, one, you know the quality of being a god, you become divine.

 ~ Osho ~

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