Fall 2013 Eclipses ~ October 18th & November 3rd

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Upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses


We have two eclipses in the closing months of 2013.  A Lunar eclipse on Oct 18th at 25 degrees Aries and a powerful Solar Eclipse coming up on Nov 3rd, 2013 at 11 degrees 15′ of Scorpio.


The days leading up to these eclipses and after will be very stressful in general as it is an intense Full/New Moon energy with the eclipses.


Solar eclipses are New Moons and indicate some kind of new beginning in life wherever it occurs in your chart. A Lunar eclipse is a Full Moon indicating something will come to fruition or the next step to whatever began at the new Moon. Things will finally be shown or happen.


Eclipses are *hot spots* and if they hit a point or planet in your chart within a degree, you might have a significant event in the coming year or two (with the solar eclipse) while the lunar eclipse is in effect for only a about 6 months.  Often times events will occur in the month after an eclipse or about 3 months after (when a new/full Moon will square the eclipse).


Solar Eclipses are powerful energy that can be very positive for many! Unfortunately, it can also be a uncontrolled energy which results in major news stories and secrets being revealed.


Begin a new project between Nov10th-17th for powerful results


You may make some powerful changes in your own life by using this eclipse energy to your advantage, especially for financial or in any way that you would like to transform your life by starting something in the two weeks after this Solar Eclipse/New Moon on Nov 3rd and before the following Full Moon on Nov 17th. So beginning a project between Nov 4th through Nov 17th (preferably after Mercury goes direct at 3 deg Scorpio on Nov 10th) may become very successful.


The days after the Solar eclipse are also helped by the Jupiter trine Saturn which will be applying at this time and perfecting on Dec 12th at 18 deg Cancer/Scorpio.




Days to look out for potentially potent events are:

Eclipses may reveal something hidden, could spell trouble for some leaders, or other incidents. Significant events or stories often occur around eclipses and also when transiting planets conjoin the eclipse point.

Oct 9 2013

Oct 12 2013

Oct 31 2013

Nov 3 2013

Nov 17 2013

Nov 21 2013

Dec 31 2013

Jan 1, 2014

Jan 31, 2014

These are days are when planets will be hitting the solar eclipse point and may cause some big news stories, scandals, weather events, and even potential terrorism in the day or two leading up to the date and after.


What Makes the Nov 3rd Solar Eclipse so Powerful



The influence of the solar eclipse on Nov 3rd will be compounded by the upcoming Mercury retrograde (from Oct 21st – Nov 10th) and Jupiter slowing down to go retrograde a few days after the solar eclipse on Nov 6th 2013) also Uranus square Pluto which will perfect again on Nov 1st at 9 degrees Aries/Capricorn two days before the solar eclipse.



This Nov 3, 2013 solar eclipse is more powerful than the previous one on Nov 3, 1994 because on top of the retrogrades and U-P square, the ruler of the sign that the eclipse is in, Mars.  (Scorpio traditionally ruled by Mars) is in an exact sextile to the solar eclipseMars on the day of the solar eclipse is at 11 degrees of Virgo exactly sextile the solar eclipse at 11 Scorpio.



This means that the aggressive, secretive, vengeful, and general intensity of this already powerful eclipse is going to be magnified by Mars.  The results may be that events that take place in the world due to hits to this eclipse as well as in individual’s natal charts will be dramatic and potent.

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