Cosmic Astrology Journal ~ November 25 – December 1, 2013

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies

By Pam Younghans


Highlighted Aspects this Week

MON: Neptune semisquare Venus, Saturn conjunct Mercury; TUE: Jupiter sesquisquare Sun; WED: Jupiter trine Mercury, Pluto square Ceres; THU: Jupiter opposite Venus; FRI: Saturn square Juno; SAT: Uranus trine Sun, Uranus sesquisquare Mercury, Chiron square Sun; SUN: Pluto semisquare Mercury


IF YOU are working with a strong Chiron transit this year, you may be experiencing a healing crisis in some form. Chiron just went direct last week (on Nov 19), and so is moving very slowly right now, focusing its energy on very specific areas of our charts and our lives.

For those who may not know what a healing crisis is, a medical definition of the term reads: “A temporary worsening of symptoms before the patient improves.” Although specifically referring to physical conditions, we can also experience a healing crisis on emotional, mental or spiritual levels.

CHIRON is an interesting mythological character. His physical form is that of a centaur — half man, half horse. And yet, he is also an immortal, which means he is much more than “just” a man.

As we work with any Chiron transit, we are working with themes represented by this paradoxical amalgam of creature, human, and spirit. We are asked to use our self-awareness (human) to elevate our instinctive, fear-based reactions (beast) and transform them to their higher vibration (spirit), so that we may experience healing and renewal. We may be especially aware of what is needed in this regard next Saturday, when Chiron squares the Sun.

THIS IS THE WEEK that comet ISON will be closest to the Sun (it will be at perihelion on Thursday, November 28). Its anticipated path takes it so close to the Sun that the comet will be under extreme pressure. Astronomers do not know if it will survive and continue on its journey, or if it will perish in the high temperatures (think Icarus).

If ISON does survive its fly-by, astronomers say that it will “whip around” the Sun and be flung back into space at a different angle. It will then pass closest to the Earth on December 26, leaving a trail of debris that our planet will pass through in mid-January. This passage through the debris field will bring us up-close and personal with the wild-card energies that ISON represents. But only, of course, if it survives that close encounter with the Sun this week.

To keep in touch with what’s happening with ISON in the days ahead, I recommend visiting  Karl Battam’s blog. He writes clearly and with humor — nice traits, especially for an astrophysicist!

SATURN AND MERCURY align in Scorpio on Monday, the third time the two planets have aligned in the past seven weeks, due to Mercury’s retrograde (backward-motion) phase. This three-time transit implies that our thoughts have been very focused on one particular issue for this time period, as we’ve tried to search out causes, purposes, and solutions.

Along the way, we may have been dealing with our own shadow in some form — the fears and patterns that are ready to be transmuted. As Saturn and Mercury complete their tango this week, we may find that we are also able to complete and move on from some issue that has had us feeling stuck.

FOR THOSE in the U.S. (or elsewhere) who celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday, we have a nice Jupiter-Venus opposition in effect that morning. Any time these two “benefic” planets get together, even in opposition to each other, they do their best to create ease and a celebrative environment. It’s a good thing it’s a holiday for many, since we wouldn’t feel much like working anyway.

The main issues to be aware of, especially with Jupiter in Cancer (which rules the stomach and family) are twofold: overeating, a common malady already for this holiday; and over-defensiveness, a (sad-but-true) common reaction at family get-togethers.

NEXT WEEKEND has some contradictory influences. On the one hand, we have a Uranus-Sun trine, which encourages adventures and generosity. This aspect will get us out the door and help us shake off some of the holiday hangover, if needed

On the other hand, we have that Chiron-Sun square mentioned earlier, and a couple of challenging (but relatively minor) aspects to Mercury. Taking all of this into account, we definitely want to take advantage of the inspiration and energy that are available — but at the same time, we will want to watch our words (and the road we’re driving on), since it could be easy to get into a fender-bender, literally or figuratively.

THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my request last week for meditations to connect with our future selves! I received so many emails on the subject that after adding information about two sources as a comment on my blog, I had to decide not to add any more — only so much time available, and I always want to check out every suggestion thoroughly before recommending them to you.

My apologies to those who don’t see their suggestion listed, and my gratitude for your offer.

And, while I’m thinking about it — THANK YOU to everyone who reads this journal. Each of you is part of my larger family, and I appreciate your trust and your support, and the community we create together.

Many blessings,



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Today’s photo: Comet ISON as seen from Kahler Asten, Germany on November 16, 2013 (photo by Waldemar Skorupa, posted on

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