Joyous Woman ~

she has one foot in the door



By Sukhvinder Sircar @ Joyous Woman


She’s got a foot in the door to her new life.

She is treading very carefully, listening to all that is coming up to be reclaimed. Now that she’s thrown open the doors that were long shut, sometimes she feels inundated by all that’s coming to claim her. She’s simply standing her ground now ~ as the hell & fury sounds of her fears, wounds, raw terror, grief threaten to submerge her.

She’s simply standing it out. She knows the storm will pass. Sometimes, she takes the support of her circle, sometimes she prays, sometimes she cries, and sometimes she laughs.

You will see her, simply standing. Being still, in the eye of the storm. Its the busiest she’s ever been in her life. And the most courageous. That’s all the action that’s asked of her now.

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