Being Spontaneous ~ Sahaj


Posted By Deepak Jain

Sahaj means spontaneous. That is going to be your work. Be spontaneous. Never act out of the past; always act out of the present moment. This moment is all there is. If you respond from this moment, you respond from your reality.

You are responsible if you respond from your reality in this moment, here now. If you act out of the past and because some woman is your wife you show love to her; if in the moment there is nothing but you are just carrying the marriage certificate, by and by you become false. Then you go on acting out of duty and all love disappears. By and by you completely forget that you have become a false entity. Life becomes dull, stale, stinking.

That’s what hell is. So remember, from this moment become more and more alert and be spontaneous. Flow with the moment Stream with the moment, and allow the moment to take possession of you, whatsoever the cost. And you will never be a loser because more and more life will become possible to you. More and more your dead body, your dead consciousness, will become alive; blood will flow again. The feeling will start becoming aroused again and you will become a child again.

That’s what being spontaneous means – to be a child again. And much is going to happen…



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