Bliss and Prayer ~ Osho

deepak Jain


By Deepak Jain

Bliss and prayer are not separate, just two aspects of the same experience. If you are blissful you are bound to be prayerful, because when you feel bliss, you feel gratitude, and gratitude is prayer. If you are prayerful you are bound to be blissful, because prayer is surrender, let-go, bowing down to the ultimate in tremendous thankfulness. Just for the sheer joy of being. One bows in thankfulness, and in that bowing, in that letting go, bliss arises.


If you can attain to bliss, prayer arises; if you attain to prayer, bliss arises. They come together, they are inseparable. And when there is bliss and there is prayer, one is a rose. One is beauty personified, one is grace materialized; one is paradise on earth.

~ Osho ~


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