Conscious Illumination of the Shadow ~

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by Sharon Lyn Shepard

The time of Illumination is upon us. That which has been unconscious is being illuminated and revealing itself into our consciousness. This is happening for us personally, as well as the collective unconsciousness. It’s showing up in our dreamtime, our daily lives, and the network news. There is no hiding anymore. The blessed shadow self that so many fear is now in our face.

But I ask you, why do you fear the shadow?
Is it not the light that creates the shadow? For without the light there can be no shadow.

When you stand in the warm rays of the sun do you fear the shadow it creates? Do you attempt to run from it? Or can you turn toward it and befriend it? Can you dance with your shadow with playful childlike abandon as it imitates your every move?

The shadow is after all an expression of you, YOU who are the embodiment of God. Is it not time to “see” with new eyes, the eyes of God? Can you see your shadow as one who has silently partnered you for so very long, one who is finally making itself known, asking for your loving embrace?

As your unconditional lover, your shadow has never left your side. And now, it is facing you with open arms. Can you lovingly embrace it, without fear, without judgment? Can you thank it for stepping into full view in order to complete your wholeness, knowing you may not welcome it? Can you do that?

Can you forgive that which never needed to be forgiven, love that which awaits you, and step fully into your Conscious Illumination……

~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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