Kay Salady ~ Poetry

Kay Salady


Silver Acceptance

What defines the me in you
The I in me has got no clue
For fear they’ll see my silver hair
Or lines from worry and despair
Triviality takes too much time
Yes I know it undermines
The core of what my soul conveys
It suffocates my yesterdays
And chokes the life from this poor fool
Who’d be much better playing cool
This game of life – this spacious dance
Filled with choices and of chance
From king to queen to knight to pawn
Red to black then overdrawn
Why can’t I be the innate me
And face the possibility
They’ll accept me as I am
That we might come to understand
Great beauty lies within a place
Of acceptance and of grace
And it’s okay to throw away
The stigma swallowed from the tray
Set before us far too long
It just might be that they were wrong

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: intothegloss.com

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