Transiting North Node To Libra ~ February 18, 2014 – November 2015



Transiting North Node enters Libra 2014

Make Love Not War




fate Alphonse MuchaOn the 18th February the North Node enters the sign of Libra and will remain there until November 2015. I use the true node by the way but if you use the mean node, the entry date will be the 22nd March. Regardless of true or mean, this year we experience a spiritual shift of attention as the North Node points the way ahead and triggers a new round of karmic lessons to learn. The transiting North Node represents our collective spiritual task.

The last time the North Node was in Libra was from August 1995 to January 1997. It was during these years that we began to embrace connecting with each other online and the United Kingdom gave Hong Kong back to China. Amongst other things, Libra is the sign of agreements and diplomacy.

At the other end of the axis, the South Node will move into Aries. The South Node is a point of release. Some call it the Dragons Tail. The South Node symbolizes what we have already mastered. In the natal chart it represents the gift of experience we bring into this life as well as old habits that no longer serve our greater good. It’s to the South Node we run when we need a soft place to fall but the universe keeps pushing us out of our comfort zone towards the teachings of the North Node.

As the axis of karma shifts, the emphasis is on releasing selfish attitudes and embracing working with others. The shadow side of this transit is passive aggression where people seem to be getting along but really it’s all a little self-serving. Whilst the call for revolutionary change is still heard loud and clear from Uranus in Aries, as a race we are pushed towards putting our heads together to find the best solution for the way forward. Aries is the Warrior, Libra the Peacemaker – and God only knows, we need a little peace.

During the passage of the North Node in Scorpio, many secrets have come to light and truths told. Edward Snowden for example exposed government secrets that were held for the sake of power to the detriment of the 99%. In the UK, the sexual abuse scandal rife within the walls of the BBC began with a documentary on Jimmy Saville which exposed the extend of his predatory behavior as well as raising questions about the public bodies that protected and enabled him to commit such foul crimes. All this just as the North Node moved into Scorpio. Issues of power, control and corruption have been rife during these years.

So now with all this brought to light, the North Node challenges us to start again and to see how we can get along with each other. The blatant manipulation of the dark side of Scorpio no longer works. Empowerment has come through the truth, however nasty. The problem is, the South Node in Aries says that we can’t just stay angry about it. We need Justice (Libra) so that we can regain our balance.

With Venus and Mars becoming rulers of the transiting nodes, our own personal relationships will also come to the forefront. On a mundane level, sexual inequalities and gender issues may become more prominent. Venus and Mars, woman and men have just got to learn to get along.

As the ruling planet of the North Node is Venus, this Libra transit brings the opportunity to notice the similarities between each other in order to facilitate harmony. Venus naturally looks for ways to smooth troubled waters. The sign Libra is about give and take. For the next 18 months the North Node will push us to find ways to agree. Going it alone won’t work. Our leaders, politicians and diplomats may be forced to put their heads together to find ways to work together.

In our own lives, it will be necessary to reach out, to slow down, to be confident in our dealings with others. The house where the transiting North Node is traveling will show you where you will need to recognize similarities instead of differences and where you need to embrace a alternative or even opposing perspective. It’s time to share what you have and what you have learned. Share your gifts, share your kindness. It’s not a competition or a battle. Find a way to agree to disagree if you must. The transiting North Node in Libra shows us that peace is possible.


Nodes of Moon by Signs


Pic100The Lunar Nodes mark the two points in the sky where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun. In astrology these are called the North and South Nodes. You may also hear them referred to as the Dragon’s Head (the North Node) and the Dragon’s Tail (the South Node). The Nodes are exactly opposite each other and move backwards taking around 18.6 years to complete a full circuit of the chart. The backward motion of the Nodes is considered a symbolic representation of how the past and the future are always connected. Every cause (the South Node) has an effect (the North Node).

The Nodes tell a story of your spiritual and karmic development. The North Node represents what you are moving towards in this life time. It shows the kinds of life experiences which will help you to fulfill your potential and your karmic mission. The sign position indicates the qualities you need to develop for spiritual growth. The North Node can be challenging but in each challenge is an opportunity for progress. If the qualities of the North Node remain undeveloped, this can produce a sense of feeling unfulfilled.

The South Node represents the karma you were born with as well as skills and talents carried over from previous life-times. It shows the things that come easily to you as well as the habits you tend to fall back on when the going gets tough. The South Node is where you act on instinct and can often be seen at work within childhood experiences. The difficulty with the South Node is that it is easy to stay stuck in your comfort zone.

Much like the planets and angles in your chart, the Nodes can be activated by transits and progressions. When these points are triggered, they can indicate important periods in your life where you may find yourself pushed towards developing your North Node qualities and encouraged to examine any self-limiting beliefs and behaviors from times past.


The Lunar Nodes Through the Signs


North Node in Aries – South Node in Libra
Your mission is to learn to act on your own instincts and to have the courage of your convictions. Aries is brave, confident and a self-starter. Life asks you to take the leading role. With the South Node in Libra, you have an innate desire to please others but there is a risk of relying too much on the opinions of loved ones to the detriment of yourself. Co-dependence can be an issue, The challenge is to find inner peace, rely on your own judgement and learn to enjoy your own company. Independence is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Taurus – South Node in Scorpio
Your mission is to develop a strong sense of self worth and find satisfaction in the simple comforts of life. Building a strong material base will help you to feel more secure. Putting down roots and establishing a home base are also important. There’s a need to learn patience and approach life in a practical way. Creative pursuits such as gardening, crafts and painting provide a sense of contentment. With the South Node in Scorpio, you may feel like you are always on the verge of a crisis. Emotions are felt intensely. There may be an instinctual suspicion of others, wondering what they want from you. By becoming more sure of yourself, you find a way to trust others which leads to inner calm. Living your values is key to your spiritual development

North Node in Gemini – South Node in Sagittarius
Your mission in life is to get to the facts before you make up your mind. You are challenged to learn to communicate with others effectively. Be curious about life. Gemini needs lots of stimulation to stay interested. Talk to other people, listen to their stories, go to places you haven’t been to before. With the South Node in Sagittarius, you may have a tendency to think you know it all or an all or nothing attitude. You may be afraid of connecting or of staying in one place for too long for fear that you will lose your freedom. Let yourself linger to discover a different perspective. Learning to listen to others is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Cancer – South Node in Capricorn
Your mission in life is to allow yourself to feel. Cancer is in touch with their emotions. Building a home and family may be a challenge to you but learning to nurture both yourself and others brings inner contentment. It is necessary to learn to accept your own insecurities as well as allow others to see your vulnerable side. With the South Node in Capricorn, you may feel very attached to your responsibilities and have a strong sense of duty. Displays of emotion may be difficult for you. A tendency to define yourself through your work or career can mean you neglect your home life. Finding a way to be at home with yourself is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Leo – South Node in Aquarius
Your mission in life is to follow your heart. Leo is playful and spontaneous with a strong creative urge. Learn to allow yourself to play, to express yourself in your own unique way. Leo likes to take a risk regardless of what others might think. There may be a tendency to feel pulled to help others at the expense of developing your own talents. With the South Node in Aquarius, you may be very concerned with whether you fit in to the group and may fear being the focus of the attention of others. There may be a tendency to connect with people in a detached manner. It is important to learn to connect on a heart level, to experience the joy of relating. Connecting with your inner child is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Virgo – South Node in Pisces
Your mission is to develop a healthy, practical approach to life. Take care of the details and the rest will take care of itself. A hard-working attitude and clear goals helps to offset the Pisces South Node which is inclined to drift and dream. A sense of order provides a strong structure from which you can help others to help themselves. The South Node in Pisces shows you are gifted with a strong imagination but a tendency to be easily distracted and vague in your approach means it is difficult to bring your ideas into being. Escapist tendencies or victim mentality can block your progress. Developing your skills is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Libra – South Node in Aries
Your mission is to develop cooperation with others. This is the sign of the peace-maker, relationship counsellor and mediator. You are challenged to find a way to work with others, to allow for their wants and desires and make room for relationships in your life. With the South Node in Aries, you are used to going it alone so may find it difficult to let others in. There may be a tendency to act first and ask questions later which can upset the balance. You may be competitive in a way that alienates other people. Your instinct is to fight rather than try to find a middle path when conflicts occur. The art of compromise is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Scorpio – South Node in Taurus
Your mission is to recognise life is constantly in a state of change. Scorpio’s intense desire for the truth, leads you on a journey of transformation. Stepping into your own power is part of the path. Your challenge is to let go of material concerns and psychological attachments in order to free yourself from a need to control. With the South Node in Taurus, material and emotional security is important to you but this comfort zone can keep you stuck in old patterns. Learning to share what you have – mind, body and soul – is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Sagittarius – South Node in Gemini
Your mission is to share what you know. Sagittarius favours freedom to roam and inspires a desire to travel in order to gain a broader perspective on life. This is the sign of the philosopher, writer and priest. You need to have an eye on the future and a willingness to act on your intuition to succeed. The challenge is to develop your expertise and to trust that you know enough. With the South Node in Gemini, there can be a tendency towards information overload which hides the big picture. Inner restlessness can distract you from committing to your purpose. Developing a strong inner faith is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Capricorn – South Node in Cancer
Your mission is to accept the responsibilities of life in order to achieve your goals. Hard-working and mindful of duties, Capricorn is an achiever at heart. Recognise that you are strong enough to be an authority in your field. Be prepared to start from the bottom up but know that you can climb the ladder to success. Take yourself and your ambitions seriously. With the South Node in Cancer, you may feel guilty for leaving family to pursue your career. You are naturally caring but with this tenderness comes a fear of being vulnerable. Coming out of your shell and embracing your inner wisdom is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Aquarius – South Node in Leo
Your mission is to use your special skills for the benefit of the collective. Aquarius seeks to make connections in the wider community. Forward thinking and inventive, this sign challenges the status quo by thinking outside of the box. With the South Node in Leo, there can be a tendency to want to take centre stage. Emotional dramas can cloud your objectivity. Don’t let pre-defined roles restrict your freedom. Use your innate warmth to reach out to others. Join groups, make friends and inspire others to use their own unique gifts. Working for the benefit of all is key to your spiritual development.

North Node in Pisces – South Node in Virgo
Your mission is to recognise your spiritual path. The last sign of the zodiac represents the unconscious, the soul and the profound connection between everyone. Pisces calls to you to develop your imagination, intuition and compassion for all. Learn to have faith and trust. There is beauty in every moment. The challenge is to learn to go with the flow rather than plan every detail. With the South Node in Virgo, there can be a tendency to get caught up in the mundane and pick over irrelevant parts of the whole. Harsh self-criticism and over-analysing blocks your ability to feel with your heart. Letting go of a need to be perfect is key to your spiritual development.


Painting ‘ Fate’ by Alphonse Mucha

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