Your Horoscope ~ February 20 – 26, 2014



by Rose Marcus


Mercury retrograde continues until month’s end, so keep a closer watch on all you do and say; pump up safeguards. Mercury has recently backtracked into Aquarius while the sun has advanced into Pisces. This combination can target your vulnerable spot and/or deliver something unexpected.

Moon/Saturn on Friday afternoon can produce an energy drain or loss. The moon travels through Sagittarius on Saturday/Sunday, so give yourself extra room or leeway. Plan to do a lot of something or nothing. Go to yoga class, enjoy an escape, or get your chips and dip ready for the big game.

Sun/Neptune opposing Pallas Athene, the warrior goddess, presides over Sunday’s golden moment for Olympic men’s hockey. Will justice be done? Will Mercury retrograde bring a repeat triumph? To be sure, there’s a lot riding on the game. The world will watch as history is made.

Jupiter retrograde squaring Uranus just before midnight on Tuesday brings the Sochi Olympics to a spectacular close. On a personal and bigger-picture note, this dynamic transit marks the midpoint of a cycle that kicked it up a big notch as of last August and will hit its peak in April. Jupiter/Uranus is an out-of-the-blue, stroke of genius, fresh page, sudden flash, or opportunity combination. It can yield a sudden or surprise breakthrough or twist, luck, or forward thrust; fresh insight, foresight, revelation, liberation, or new freedom. Weather extremes are possible too.

March 20 – April 19

Your creativity can be truly inspired now. Submerge yourself right where you are, and let the world spin without you for just a little while. Brand-new or long-running, Jupiter/Uranus now stirs up something major. Watch for an announcement, more action, or traction as early as Monday/Tuesday. Once it sparks, expect to get swept up or swept away.

April 19 – May 20

Whether you’ve been hoping for it or it takes you by stealth, watch for this next week to open up something new. Social, professional, or financial, there’s more potential on brew and better opportunity for you now, too. Of course, it’s up to you to recognize it and take full advantage of the gift.

May 20 – June 21

A week­end to get away from it all could be ideal. Let yourself off the hook, enjoy the Games, or keep your time open and see where it takes you. Monday/Tuesday, you’ll see more take shape. Even though it’s a natural progression, there’s still a sudden or surprise element in the mix. Wednesday’s Aquarius moon brings you or it to life.

June 21 – July 22

Through Sunday, you should find yourself on an especially smooth sail. You can coast if you feel like it, but put opportunity to use and you’ll be happy you did. Jupiter in Cancer keeps more than the average on percolate. Monday through Wednesday can see you jump through a significant hoop or make a significant personal, emotional, or professional breakthrough.

July 22 – August 22

A tender, romantic, or indulgent mood can overtake you this weekend. Partake and enjoy, but watch for time, money, or inhibition to evaporate without notice. You can be easily swayed, and you can do a number on yourself, too. Keep tabs on safety, health, projections, and expectations. Monday/Tuesday can put you under added pressure. Wednesday onward, you’re over it and on to a fresh page.

August 22 – September 22

Get up to something or nothing; either way, the weekend keeps you well entertained. The building sun/Neptune transit also suggests it’s time to forgive, forget, let go, and allow something new to come in. Watch for Jupiter/Uranus to bring it on full blast. Monday/Tuesday, effort should prove especially productive. Wednesday delivers added clarity, a major insight, timely news, advice, or opportunity.

September 22 – October 23

Regarding health or problem-­solving, listen to your intuition and follow gut instincts. The feel of it will inform you best, especially when you put fear or excessive imagination out of the way. Sunday could be a write-off, although if you apply yourself to creativity and romance or volunteer for a worthy cause, the opposite is true. On Wednesday, things click together for you very well.

October 23 – November 22

The next few days put you at your creative and attention-getting best. Put on a show, play up the romance, steal the spotlight, or treat yourself to something special. Whether you pitch your products, ideas, or yourself, sun/Neptune helps you to easily charm and sway.
Monday/Tuesday, the stars are on a productive move-ahead. Midweek delivers a fresh twist, burst, or option.

November 22 – December 21

Time spent reflecting, meditating, and pondering is exceptionally beneficial and/or healing for you through the weekend. Don’t push what isn’t coming naturally. Watch for insight to grow and for answers or avenues to reveal themselves, especially from Sunday onward. Monday/Tuesday, stay practical, keep it real. Take things one step at a time. One thing leads to another; Wednesday/Thursday, the dots connect themselves.

December 21 – January 19

A romantic escape, a spa visit, or a spiritual or retreat weekend could do wonders for your soul. Thursday through Sunday, you can be especially sensitized to noise, moods, vibes, drugs, or alcohol. Right time, right place: Monday/Tuesday, the shots are yours to call. Tuesday onward, be on the lookout for something unexpected and seize your opportunity.

January 19 – February 18

By Friday afternoon, you are likely to find yourself at a stop or finish line, but you won’t stay there for long. Still, you might not be into full swing until mid next week. Saturday/Sunday, go with the flow. Monday/Tuesday, take your time, bide your time, and handle essential priorities. Wednesday puts fresh fuel in your tank.

February 18 – March 20

On Sunday, sun/Neptune brings you to a creative and personal peak. Now through month’s end is an especially rich time to explore new potentials or try a new you and a new lifestyle on for size. Stay bold—something very potent and timely is now in the works. You’ll catch a much stronger wind as the week progresses.

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