June ~ Miracles of Light, Prayer & Spiritual Healing

Angel Gabriel


The Southern Gate ~ Summer Solstice

Archangel Gabriel


Prayer ~ Spiritual Healing


June is a month of abundance during which the Godseed within us continues its unfolding according to the blueprint of our souls.  Everything necessary for our growth has already been given, and through the application of “scientific prayer” and spiritual healing we lay claim to what is already ours and give aid to others in unfolding the Divine Blueprint within.

We become the agents of Miracles.


The outer light and the Inner Light are bright in June, and we can use this increased energy to attune to the presence of The Archangel Gabriel and our Guardian Angel, who has accompanied us from before the foundation of the world in the evolution of our soul’s will to love.

We Wake Up


Listen to The Call of the Ancient Ones,

as they rise on warm winds of summer and shimmer on the lighted grasses that wave gently in the summer sun.

The lifeforce is surging through the Earth Mother and all the manner of things are well.  The bear cubs play in an enchanted forest in which there is a doorway where two worlds touch.  The Archangel Gabriel and our guardian angels instruct us in prayer.  In our dedication to service we become the openings through which miracles of lovingness and healing can manifest for the good of all beings.


The days are growing ever longer in June, and the Medicine Wheel of the seasons will fully open to the South on the summer solstice, June 21st.  The illumination of the Sun is bringing forth fruits from the earth, and encouraging clarity in our perception.  This is the time when energies of the Light can bring forth true spiritual healing, the realization of our Oneness with God that alleviates all suffering and ideas of limitation.

It is time to unwrap the gift.


On that scared ground we attain true humility, the absolute security that we are Children of the One Loving Source.

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