Your Horoscope ~ July 24 – 30, 2014




by Rose Marcus

We’re only one week into it, and already Jupiter in Leo has put on a big show. Planet Jupiter always enlarges the scope; life-giving Leo is a creative powerhouse and an attention-getting sign. Put the two together and it adds up to more, a lot more. Leo is also a “special destiny” archetype. There’s plenty of time to make hay. We’ll experience a few more weeks of the sun in Leo, but a whole year of Jupiter in Leo.

Thursday is a big opportunity day, thanks to the sun shining on Jupiter. It’s a great day to love ’em up, ask for more, or get your pleasure fill. If you miss out on the fun or luck, know that Saturday’s new moon in Leo also gains a boost from Jupiter’s blessings.

After a long, hard eight months of fighting its way through Libra, Mars finally treks into Scorpio. Starting Friday evening and lasting through September 13, there’s no more skirting the issue—it’s power-play time. Mars in Scorpio strips things down to what’s most necessary, urgent, potent, or empowering. It puts even more emphasis on all Scorpio themes—sex, death, taxes, hidden agendas, secrets, corruption, crime, trust, betrayal, et cetera.

On the positive side, this transit can help you to get a better strategy together, to develop a more targeted and committed approach. It can also deepen intimate-relationship bonds.

Either positive or negative, if there’s something brewing behind the scenes, expect Mars in Scorpio to uncover it.

March 20 – April 19

You’ll find you’re better able to make that long-awaited, critical turnaround regarding a major relationship, career, or money matter. Renovate it, resurrect it, launch it, empower yourself. Through mid September, Mars in Scorpio fires up ambition, motivation, necessity, even obsession. Thursday through Sunday can be especially lucrative and opportune. On Tuesday, go by feel but stay detail-oriented.

April 19 – May 20

Make your move, and make it a big one. Now is not the time for little or small, it’s the time for bold and sweeping. The sun, Jupiter, and Saturday’s new moon in Leo launch a major personal or home-life chapter. Your wants and needs are changing. Mars in Scorpio sets you onto a completely altered track or prompts a dramatic role reversal.

May 20 – June 21

Go while the getting is so good. Through Sunday, the sun, Jupiter, and the new moon keep the delight, conversation, interest, and/or motivation at peak. Yes, by all means get your pleasure fill, but also know it’s easy to get carried away. Over the next two months, Mars in Scorpio helps you to gain better ground regarding diet, health, work, and fix-it projects.

June 21 – July 22

The sun/Jupiter on Thursday could signal the start of a huge turnaround regarding luck, love, or money prospects. You’ll also gain great benefit from Mars transiting Scorpio, a magnetizing and empowering influence for your sign. Watch for your best options to suddenly become quite clear-cut. Mars offers you a two-month window of opportunity; use the advantage and get yourself better-positioned now.

July 22 – August 22

Going all out? It’s a great plan, do it. Whether you travel, relocate, or take a gamble on a new love affair or a new you, Thursday’s Jupiter/sun and Saturday’s new moon keep you adventure-bound. Mars in Scorpio compels you to revamp your strategy and make a fuller commitment to living better, richer, fuller. Sunday gets you over the hump.

August 22 – September 22

Feel like gifting yourself? Go right ahead. Thursday’s Jupiter/sun says you deserve it! The weekend is ideal for pleasure-seeking, having quality time to yourself, or going on a romantic escape. Don’t scrimp on comfort—pay or play the extra. Monday to Wednesday keeps you busy, perhaps unexpectedly so. Through mid September, Mars in Scorpio gives you trump cards to play. You’ll be especially quick on the uptake.

September 22 – October 22

As of Friday, Mars leaves Libra, but it might do you even more good while in Scorpio. For the next month, Mars helps you get a more solid fix on your best assets, options, and moneymakers. Whether fired up by need, want, or obsession, watch for your natural resourcefulness to kick in. Thursday through Sunday, it’s takeoff/blastoff time.

October 23 – November 22

A major contract, award, announcement, or type of recognition could be in the works through Sunday. Jupiter/the sun can ring wedding bells or bring cause for great celebration. A career achievement, a milestone moment for your personal life or someone special to you—it’s just the start of so much more to come. Starting Friday, Mars in Scorpio catapults you onto the hot-tamale train.

November 22 – December 21

What a fantastic time to get the show on the road! Thursday’s sun/Jupiter and Saturday’s new moon in Leo are ideal for travel, a vacation, romance, or attention-getting. They can also bring a visitor or good news, or put you on a winning or creative streak. Mars in Scorpio prompts you to deepen commitment to yourself, another, or a spiritual path.

December 21 – January 19

Go ahead, lavish things on your special someone or be your own best lover. The sun/Jupiter could also see you go all out and spend big bucks. Yes, the price of happiness is worth it. High hopes are likely to meet, and perhaps even exceed, expectations. Starting Friday, liberating Mars in Scorpio gives you more to work with and toward.

January 20 – February 18

You’ll get full value out of your social life and play time, especially through Sunday. As well, travel or a special event could be written in your stars. Monday through Wednesday, tend to practical matters and catch yourself up. Through mid September, empowering Mars in Scorpio can see you make a significant career, financial, or personal-life turnaround.

February 18 – March 20

Thursday through month’s end sets the stage for great strides to be made. Watch for things to work out quite well, perhaps even better than you anticipate. At least for the weekend, take a vacation from the work or worry. Tuesday adds something extra. For the next two months, Mars in Scorpio keeps you and life thriving.

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