Incredible Footage Of An Explosive Volcanic Eruption Captured in New Guinea

volcanic eruption


A video recently captured by an Australian couple shows the beauty and destructive power of a volcanic eruption. Mount Tarvurvur located in Papua New Guinea erupted on August 29. Debris and ash from this event sent a plume going thousands of feet into the sky, with the eruption continuing for several days afterwards.

The Australian couple in the video, Linda and Philip McNamara, happened to be on a boat nearby when it erupted again. The couple were lucky enough to capture the accompanying intense sonic boom that rippled through the atmosphere and shook the boat and camera with it.

In the footage, Philip can be heard saying “watch out for the shock, it’s coming” before the sonic boom sound wave clatters the boat, causing a response of “holy smoking Toledos” from this impressed onlooker.

You can view the video below:

H/T: Ifls, Independent

Image: Youtube Screenshot

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