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brillant sanity
We all have within us a natural DIGNITY and WISDOM. The Tibetan Buddhist teacher,ChogyamTrungpaRinpoche refers to this as ‘Brilliant Sanity’ – an inner wakefulness and intelligence that is beyond mind. It is open, CLEAR and WARM. It is spacious, intelligent and full of love. At times we may experience it as a small, steady light and at others times, itmay be a blazing sun.It is our potential to be completely wakeful and attuned with our truth, clarity and inner wisdom, even in the midst of chaos and psychological distress. It may be temporarily covered up in our lives but nonetheless is ALWAYS THERE waiting for us to connect.

Cultivating stillness, presence and receptivity help us to tune in to our inner radiance. It is the same light that is shared by the stars, the cosmos, our greatest spiritual teachers and the tiniest blade of grass. Blessed Be.

Artist: Wendybyrd Smith

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