November ~ Healing & Completion ~ Archangel Raphael

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~ Grieving, Forgiveness  & Completion ~


November is a month of finishing our business, squaring the inner accounts that require our energy. One of the most important ways that we come to completion is through grieving those who have died and celebrating the things we have shared together and learned together.

Meditation and rituals of grieving and completion include forgiveness, that attitude of mind that sets us free when we are able to claim our wisdom and move on.

Forgiving ourselves and forgiving others we pave the way for the atonement, The At-One-Ment, between all people and the creator.

November completions clear the way for the birth of Inner Light in December.


Listen to the voices of the Ancient Ones,

who call from the past,

from the Land of our Ancestors.

November is a Month

sacred to Archangel Raphael

the Healer of God.

To heal, to be whole, is to reconcile

your accounts so that all is

in balance.

Forgiveness is the way to reconciliation,

a path made easier

because it is lighted and maintained

by the angels of grace.

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