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9 Easy Do-It-Yourself Space Clearing Procedures

By Kartar Diamond

People often feel a need to do space clearing rituals when the house (or business) feels stagnant, when there has been something upsetting going and it’s lingering in the atmosphere, or just to keep the energy of a space uplifted. Occasionally people do space clearing techniques to rid the property of ghosts.

9 Procedures for Space Clearing

Space Clearing Tip #1 – Physically clean, dust and sanitize the house from top to bottom.

Space Clearing Tip #2 – Burn sage throughout. It comes in bundles and it is VERY smoky so open the windows as you walk through each room, filling each room with sage. You can even open up closets and cabinets so the sage smoke will seep into all areas. It does not leave a residue on anything.

Space Clearing Tip #3 – Ring bells, chimes or a gong in each room. This “moving metal” practice is actually a common Feng Shui remedy.

Space Clearing Tip #4 – Sound is powerful so you can also play a CD of high vibration mantra music or classical music, continuously for a long period of time.

Space Clearing Tip #5 – Salt absorbs moisture and yin spirits cling to moisture so you want to dry out the house. Put a bowl of salt in each room for 24 hours. Another option is to sprinkle salt all over the floors and vacuum it up the next day.

Space Clearing Tip #6 – Burn aromatic candles, but do not leave them lit if you leave the house.

Space Clearing Tip #7 – Space-clearing sprays contain essential oils, pulverized healing stones, and herbs. These can be used instead of candles, but don’t use chemical home sprays.

Space Clearing Tip #8 – Some crystals have purported healing/cleansing powers. As an example, black obsidian and black tourmaline can help extract negativity from a room. You can place the stones in the four corners of a room to create a vortex of protection.

Space Clearing Tip #9 – Use your own meditative mind and power of projection to instill good energy into your home or business. You can walk around and verbalize your goals or intentions. If you want the house to be healed, let it know that. If you want a ghost to leave, tell it that it needs to go back to its Creator. Open your heart and be a pure channel.

Try to do any or all of these suggestions to do space clearing your dwelling. You can do any of these space clearing rituals on a regular basis.

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