The Gardner’s Song ~ The Song of the Garden

the gardeners song


In honor of that which is coming to pass and birthing forth in this week of momentous unfoldments I “Received and Translated” this message upon awakening this morning.
It contains key-code activation’s directly designed to uplink and download frequencies of Purified Presence. The accompanying artwork compliments the vibratory completion…share with your friends.Once again… I sat with my councils, a team overseeing embodiment’s of Light. The Oversoul Spoke, whispered into my heart these words.
Please accept this as an offering from this heart to yours. Its contents open up and unfold like a symphony of awareness’s joined together in harmonic octaves of illumined Grace… I was struck by a thunderous presence awaiting the call of my being.

I stood at the gateway of gateways listening.

The Gardner’s song…The Song of the Garden

Place your feet on the earth
it’s time to celebrate the new song
The song of the dawn
The dawning of the new
prepare thyself to receive the golden tones of resonant bliss
Let us feel the garden of tones activating the seeds of germination
The new music of life is being delivered
Upon the tree of life is the music of the spheres
Sephirot of spinning tones
As the key of life awakens the mighty forces of Love
And so you see the orchestral movements of the spheres of harmony are already tuning consciousness and attuning you to your origination
The orchestra is tuning up
It sounds like chaos until every instrument is tuned to the new sound of the new song
This is where you are at,
Where you have been,
What you have known
The sounds of chaos before the rising tide of the song that signals the beginning of the dawn
This is what you have prepared for through every incarnation
This what you were made for
Created by
Sent through
Opened unto
Stay calm amid the noise of the great attunment and….
Place your feet on the earth
The Gardner of souls is supplanting the soil of consciousness with the new seeds of life

This is your time to rise and see anew what has always been apparent
Your vision is being attuned to an ever higher awareness
The songs of light prepare the way
Remember you were born here but you are not of here
You are only here to seed the way with the rising tide of awareness
Awareness born of the ultimate fields of grace
Grace born from the ultimate space of Faith
Faith born through the ultimate heart of the One, the All ,the Many…

you are its expression
you are its gift
you are its song of songs
and we are here to say

Love is the only way home
Love is the ultimate constant
The constant reminder of the One residing at the heart of all Wholeness
Love is the Song that sings the new Dawn
The new light that bursts forth the seeds of knowing
The seeds that bring forth the new tree of Life
The seed of Life brought forth for the merging of your heart to the One
in the wholeness and sweetness of each note sung in harmony with the All.

Therein the new dawn brings forth the flowering and flourishing of the new flower of life

For it is set upon the fractal harmonics of the new Tree of Light
Before it (the New Tree of Light) is born anew, each soul much rise and return
Retune to the origins of its beginnings and return to the inception point upon the tree of life
Each sphere of creation releases the tone of its song and brings forth the fertilization of all consciousness
Find your rhythm among the song

Your DNA carries the rhythmic messengers who dance the codes awake
Your RNA carries the pulsating receptors for acknowledging the incoming songs
as the codons align the song
in equal harmonies
in equal fractal harmonics
There is no junk in you
Only codes in dormancy
Waiting for the catalyzing song of Life
In the Key of Life

Love is the eternal pathway to peace

So once again we give this directive to all ready to rise…

Place your feet on the earth and listen to the song
The song of the Garden
Seeds supplanted in the firmament of the void
Awakening the soul’s heart in pure prannic grace…

The Gardener’s song
Cultivator of consciousness
Purveyor of presence
Awakener of the ascent
is the sound of your heart-beat in tune with the rhythmic pulses
spiraling in nebulae of birthing stars
Consciousness reflecting itself within the all
Presence attuning the Self to the whole
Love in the highest and deepest expression illuminating
The radiant nature of ALL…


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