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By Barbara L. Nelson

I was fired this summer from a sales job at a major media company in the US, not because of my job performance, but because I spoke up about the dysfunctional work environment in which I found myself.

Being a Scorpio and being spiritually aware, I cannot tolerate lies or deceit and it was all around me in corporate America. And being an empath dysfunctional work environments literally make me ill. I believe my abrupt termination was directly related to the global ascension process affecting all life on planet earth, coupled with the energies of the recent solar eclipse Sept. 13 and upcoming lunar eclipse Sept. 27. These chaotic eclipse energies are doing their intended purpose of derailing lightworkers from succeeding in a path they are not destined to walk. Thus the Universe gave a very clear and final signal that corporate America would not be the road I would continue to journey down.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, you are where you need to be. The good news is the Universe always has something better than what was released and it abhors a vacuum. So although you may feel empty right now, you will be filled with something new, something more aligned with your new vibration. As we ascend in vibration, the things that remain at the lower vibration will leave your life. Hopefully not as suddenly as mine did. But spirit whispers and then it shouts. So be forewarned.

You cannot have opposing energy occupying the same space in the same time space continuum. In other words, you cannot hold onto to relationships, jobs or situations that have worn out their usefulness in your life and expect to have your life filled with new friends and opportunities that would bring you joy.

But this replacement is not immediate, so be prepared to be in a holding pattern to process and release what has left. If we don’t, we run the risk of repeating the same patterns over and over again. The saying “when God closes one door, don’t curse him the hallway,” is apropos here.

During the gestation period, we also need to open up and embrace what our heart is calling us to do. That requires time alone in meditation and prayer if we aren’t already in touch with what that is. The questions one asks at this time is “what would I do if money wasn’t an issue? What brings me joy and what am I passionate about?”

For myself in this turning point in my career, I learned that I must honor my destined path of being an empath and writer. I can no longer deny that I must work at something that is aligned with my spirituality and beliefs. And yet I must make a living. And therein lies the issue of all lightworkers. How does one make a living in a spiritually based business? One thing I know for sure we have to concentrate on serving not receiving and the money will come.

Last year, I took a course called B-School by Marie Forleo, a business guru in New York City. Probably the best advice was to concentrate on what you love, not the money and giving value to your clients. There’s a lot more to it than that. There are business techniques and worksheets that aid you in determining if you had a viable business model, especially if there are multiple things you love to do. It helped me to hone in on what I wanted to do in the next phase of my life. And now I have no choice but to do it!

Although, being fired was traumatic, it was necessary for me to be redirected onto my latest journey along the light path! So for me, with the help of friends, family and loving pets, I am surviving this trying time and have turned to serving others with Following The Light – Angels doing intuitive readings and writing about my adventures as a lightworker. And I also bake the occasional pie and cake, because I love baking!

If you wish to contact me or read more about my services and my continuing journey, please visit my website or my Facebook page

Blessing in the Light!

About The Author:

Barbara Nelson

Barbara L. Nelson has been a professional writer and journalist for 20 years. She began her writing career as a newspaper reporter in Northern California and South Louisiana in the ’90s. After moving to Manhattan in 2002, she became a magazine editor, director of communications for an international real estate firm and an agency publicist. She is now living in the Southern US writing about spiritual topics that interest her.

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