September 2015 Global Earthquake Forecast ~ United States & International Unrest Growing


After multiple M-class flares, and an Earth facing coronal hole — we now see a flurry of new activity develop at a deep (and shallow) level across multiple regions stemming from the West Pacific across to adjacent plates.

The movement which has now struck in the Pacific Northwest, striking Central Washington State (instead of the offshore Juan Defuca zone as we were looking for) has hit the reset button for the United States / North American Craton.

Now we can expect a spreading out of new activity in the Southernmost portion of North America… mainly in Southern California, and along the Southern edge of the craton.


Renewed M4.0 activity should be expected to strike the Southern edge of the craton, including Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma. All three areas should be struck by noteworthy movement near M4.0 due to the M4.3 along the Northwest edge of the craton (in Washington state) causing new pressure to be placed on the craton edge…

The pressure coming from the NW (Pacific NW) will cause new mid-M3.0 earthquakes in California / Nevada at the dormant volcanoes, and possible M3.0 activity in the far Northeast United states (again) reaching into New Brunswick / SE Quebec (again) over the next 7 days.

Japan, as shown in the video, is an area of particular concern due to the multiple M5.0 earthquakes striking in succession of one another across the entire region. Topping out with a M6.0 earthquake before I could even get this video full processed.

Japan should show larger movement over the next 7 days, larger than the M6.0 which just struck a few hours ago (September 1 2015)……. we need to watch particularly near the area shown in the video (Central Japan along the Izu trench).

Papua New Guinea, hopefully we’ll only see a mid-M6.0 strike on land or near land in the next 7 days…

Watch the area further WEST from Papua New Guinea .. Sumatra Indonesia for the larger movement to the South this week.

Sumatra Indonesia is the silent spot which is clearly building into a larger event…

All the way South of New Zealand, be on watch for a moderate upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 to strike out to sea in the area shown in the video.

Mainly 4 small areas to watch in the West Pacific over the next 7 days. Coast of Japan at the Izu trench junction, Sumatra Indonesia near the India coast, Papua New Guinea near land, and South of New Zealand out to sea.

In the EAST Pacific… watch Southern California, and the North American Craton edge for noteworthy movement.

Central America.. watch near Panama / El Salvador for possible M6.0 activity (lower M6.0) over the next 7 days.

South America.. Coast of Peru into Bolivia .. watch near the coastline for possible lower M6.0 activity over the next 7 days.

Chile.. watch for a possible new blast at Villarica volcano or nearby the past eruption location from a few months ago. It has been quiet (volcanic eruption wise) in Chile over the past 2 months.. possible new eruptive activity will be reported in the next week if this forecast holds true.

In Europe, watch England! Upper M3.0 to lower M4.0 activity should strike the area based upon the movement in South Europe (North Italy struck by a M4.0 causing pressure to be placed on North Europe).

The Italy M4.0 should cause an additional similar earthquake to the North.. Possibly the North Sea into South UK… don’t rule out the English Channel coast of France as the release point, but I’m leaning towards the North sea due to the location of the Italy M4.0 event.

Asia, now keep watch for possible upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 activity to strike near Nepal, possibly a few hundred miles NORTH of Nepal due to the location of the deep movement in the Pacific striking further North near Kamchatka Russia.

Thus, watch Nepal for a magnitude HIGHER than the deep Kamchatka events, which were upper M4.0 at a deep level… which means upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 would be coming in the area WEST of the deep movement along the Himalayan mountains going into Nepal / China / Russia – Siberia border regions.


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