The 7 Chakras: Balancing, Color and Meaning

7 chakras

By M. A. Hills

Hinduism Philosophy and Practice

The 7 chakras are energy centers that are fundamental for our well-being. When the 7 chakras are open and properly balanced, they produce frequencies and vibrations that travel outside our body creating a layer of color around us, also known as aura.
By understanding the main 7 chakras, we can improve our lives and connect our physical body to our spiritual body. This will in turn, enable us to lead longer and healthier lives.

In this book you will learn:

What are Chakras?
An Overview of the 7 Main Chakras As Well as the Important Minor Chakras
Chakra # 1: The Root Chakra
Chakra # 2: The Sacral Chakra
Chakra # 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra
Chakra # 4: The Heart Chakra
Chakra # 5: The Throat Chakra
Chakra # 6: The Brow Chakra
Chakra # 7: The Crown Chakra
What is Chakra Healing and Balancing?
How to Balance Your Chakras – Part I – Foods and Exercises
How to Balance Your Chakras – Part I – Techniques
How to Feel and Understand Auras
Chakras and Your Relationships


M. A. Hills is a world renowned author and writer of “The 7 Chakras: Balancing, Colors and Meaning.” She currently resides in the beautiful Atlantic coast of Florida near Miami, the “sunshine capital”. Her goal is to write books on subjects related to Nature, Self-development, Spirituality, Enigmas, and Mysteries that she is passionate about.
M. A. Hills is also an animal lover and animal-rights advocate. She also loves to connect with her readers via her blog and other social media channels. Her love for nature has led her to remote regions such as the Amazonian forests, the Antartica and tropical wonderlands such as the jungles of Brazil, Africa and even the Sahara deserts.
She is also an avid cook and loves to share her passion for good food and wine with her friends and family.

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