Following The Light ~ Embracing the Ascension Changes



By Barbara L. Nelson

This year, for me anyway, has been chocked full of change and most not all that pleasant, three jobs and a major love relationship dissolved and I find myself pretty empty in all aspects of my life. Actually a great place to be before the Universe fills me with the new and improved!

It’s November, my birthday month and a numerically a one month. A one month represents new beginnings. Much like the Fool card in the tarot, I find myself upon a precipice not knowing where to safely jump next. Safely being the key word. There is no security in these challenging economic times or so it seems. And according to many ascension experts the changes are not going to stop anytime soon.

After having a year of massive transformative change, like me, thousands of lightworkers around the globe are questioning their paths and their vocational direction. But we know we must move forward courageously regardless of the circumstances. Our DNA has been upgraded by the new energies and this will continue for many. Although not consciously, like sleeper cells we were awaiting our activation. Well, the Universe is calling and we are being assigned to awaken the rest of the world. We must fulfill this destiny of being the light for others who remain in the darkness of their egos.

My activation began while I was working in New York City from 2002 to 2009. Being around so many people, especially the ego-, money-driven masses was excruciatingly painful. My empathic abilities were coming alive and I had no idea how to block out all the emotions and thoughts of everyone around me. I would go home on the weekends and be totally drained and exhausted. I thought I had the flu, but every weekend?

After questioning everything in my life, I finally stumbled upon websites that talked about the ascension process. One of the best was Kryon, a channeled being that is helping humanity with this mass awakening. He’s channeled by Lee Carroll, who has spoken at the United Nations and all over the world. For more info visit

“I would like you to start welcoming change in your life and see it in a positive way,” said Lee channeling Kryon in a live event in Atlanta, Georgia in February 2015. “This will realign you to the energy of a new earth so you can survive and stay alive!”

Once you agree to move forward with the ascension process, you are going to be challenged to your very core. And you have to give up relying on anything outside yourself to make you happy or fulfilled. You also have to be honest with yourself. Once you say yes, you give permission to the Universe to direct your path. At first the Universe will whisper and then it will shout. If you don’t heed the Universe’s murmurings, it will act on your behalf sometimes using drastic means and measures to lead you.

The first part of this process is to part with any addictions, patterns or past conditioning that has held you back or no longer honors you. You must replace these habits with meditation and prayer and other healthful habits that will bring peace and balance into your life.

“The undertaking of purification is a serious one and can occur at great depth, transforming every area of life to which consciousness is tuned and in which light has entered,” according to Julie Redstone from the New Light Body website.

Redstone writes for the New Light Body, a website dedicated to helping others with the ascension process. For more info visit

My purification process took place over several years. Not only was I exhausted most of the time, I also broke out in itchy blotches that covered my body. I was tested for allergies and other ailments. Doctors were stumped. I tried over-the-counter and prescribed medications. Nothing seemed to help. Finally, after several months of intense itching and exhaustion, the symptoms subsided. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and is the escape hatch for built up toxins and energies during the purification process.

“On the physical level, purification takes place through the transformation of energies within the body which allows light to be felt more often and darkness to be dissolved,” according to Redstone.

For most during this process, crying is essential as it was for me. I had years of pent of anger, disappointment and pain associated with my childhood and adult relationships to release. I went through a life review of sorts. God seemed to say this is what is holding you back from ascending to the higher levels and in order to move forward you need to feel this in order to finally purge it.

For me the purging continued throughout this year. The purging took on physical manifestation to help me release those things that no longer honored or could go where the Universe was trying to place me. I am hopeful that 2016 will bring more joy and abundance than 2015 has. But I realize that if we are lightworkers there is no end to transformation. It’s ongoing.
And we must welcome it into our lives to evolve into what God has intended us to be and where he intends to take us!

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Blessing in the Light!

About The Author:

Barbara Nelson

Barbara L. Nelson has been a professional writer and journalist for 20 years. She began her writing career as a newspaper reporter in Northern California and South Louisiana in the ’90s. After moving to Manhattan in 2002, she became a magazine editor, director of communications for an international real estate firm and an agency publicist. She is now living in the Southern US writing about spiritual topics that interest her.



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