Reconciling Your Spiritual Life with the Physical Realm



By Linda Howe

The central opportunity and challenge of our age is reconciling the spiritual and physical realms.

How can I be aware of the spiritual reality while being fully engaged in the physical world? I wondered. Not content with either spiritual escapism or denial of the unseen dimension, I forged ahead. I ventured out into the world with renewed enthusiasm and a deep desire to make a contribution To life.

To my dismay, I recognized that my inner compass was set to avoid pain, but not calibrated to move toward my dreams. At a loss for what to do next, I again turned to the Akashic Records, the vibrational archive of every soul.

One idea at a time, one practice at a time, one exercise at a time, an effective strategy for engaging in the world was revealed to me in my Records, yielding tremendous satisfaction and happiness. I presented the material to my students for a road test in a variety of formats, observing what worked for them, what was useful, and what made the most difference with the least amount of anguish.

Some gathered in groups, meeting monthly. Others opted for independent study. I witnessed students gaining clarity about their current perceptions by letting go of old ideas that had previously inhibited their ability to engage in life. What an intense learning curve it was!

Countless misunderstandings of old spiritual ideas interfered with my ability to consistently interact in the world as I desired. More than once, I appreciated being an infinite soul as it appeared I would need an eternity to resolve this matter! The more spiritual I considered myself to be, the less I was able to interact with diverse groups of people in a variety of situations.

My sensitivities were frequently heightened to a level of physical discomfort, disabling Me and driving Me into isolation. I recall thinking that surely this was not why I was called to the spiritual path. Still, I moved forward, wrestling with reconciling my spiritual existence with my ordinary life. As powerful, practical approaches were revealed to me in my personal Records, I brought my findings to my students for them to try. The results were simply remarkable!

By doing our personal work, each of us cleaned our inner houses. We took stock of the junk accumulated, tossed out the trash, and determined What notions and beliefs were worthy of keeping and which should be released. While the world itself might be a bit crazy, I discovered that so long as my inner house was clean, the infinite grace residing within me—the mercy, goodwill, joy, and poise— could shine through.

I discovered ways to operate in the world as my most authentic self, beginning by releasing archaic concepts that had been interfering with my ability to serve as an agent for the Divine.The central opportunity and challenge of our age is reconciling the spiritual and physical realms

I recognized a comprehensive body of wisdom accompanied by practices, procedures, and protocols. I saw new found insights into our everyday experiences that could result in radical changes in our relationships.

We live in physical and spiritual worlds and are charged with the challenge of being fully present in both. Our human task is to radiate the light of our souls in the world—that is, to become human homes worthy of the soul’s residence in this Earthly plane. The guidance I received was not what I wanted, nor what I expected. Part of me had

hoped for a spoon-feeding of instructions addressing the nitty-gritty of living with other human beings on the planet. This was not the case. Through a series of revelations—some lofty, others mundane—a cumulative process for personal transformation took form. The outcome was a renewed internal structure providing space for the radiance of the soul.

Over the course of a decade, working with my students, repeatedly raising questions about how to maintain spiritual awareness while participating in the world, I brought forth profound images and understandings. The most significant image emerged as I sought counsel in my own Records.

With inner eyes, I sensed five Pillars of Light, set in a circle on a floor, supporting a ceiling.This image reminded me of pictures I had seen of the Parthenon in Athens—but with five pillars, not ten. I was moved by what I saw. As my emotions subsided, I gathered further details about this image. Within the five pillars was a central stream of infinite light—the core pillar surrounded by the five smaller but equally magnificent pillars—and within this infinite light stream floated a Triangle, which I learned was composed of my heart, mind, and will.

When in balance, this Triangle serves as an energetic tripod.

It holds the ordinary self-strong while radiating spiritual light. Clearly, the structure supports the synthesis of human and spiritual, while the light accomplishes the transformation. Aware of how crucial it was to maintain the equilibrium of the scaffolding, I recognized my responsibility to clear away old ideas and select appropriate understandings. What a relief! This awareness freed me from trying to manifest change and alter or improve myself, or anyone else.

I could see that with a clean inner house (understanding the activities of life as my soul’s opportunities, and aided by a relatively balanced heart, mind, and will), I could relax and let the light do the work. With a stable and aligned inner organization, I could be mortal and just allow the light to be, freeing me from what no longer served me and bringing me exactly what I needed to manifest my destiny. Absolutely amazing! For a decade, I have followed the path of this five- pointed Star and Inner Triangle, employing the practices and protocols that have proven remarkably powerful and have enabled me to progress through my mundane human experiences while recognizing them as sacred opportunities for encountering the Divine Reality.


About the Author

ng5QKKNsOZ4OkCAnE92-DYxDdAIu4geAzy8cXCdgBFELinda Howe is an award-winning author and world renowned, leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies and founder of the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies, offering her inspired curriculum to thousands of seekers in a variety of formats. She was the first person to make access to the Akashic Records available to anyone with a desire to learn, through her proprietary Pathway Prayer Process©. Her latest work on the Akasha is entitled Discover Your Souls Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to Extra Ordinary.

by Linda Howe reprinted with the permission of Hay House @2015.

Adapted from the new book: Discover Your Soul Through the Akashic Records

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