Summer Solstice – Prayer/Meditation

Pyrimid lake


Summer Solstice

Today is one of the four cardinal points of the year, Summer Solstice, the day of the greatest light. The Medicine Wheel has completed its spring turning and is fully open to the Southern Gate, the gate of Summer.  Summer is the season for appreciating the abundance of life, the reality of both the physical light and the spiritual light, and of recognizing the unique gifts we have to share with the world.  The Archangel Gabriel, a Hebrew name meaning, The Strength of God,” is the Guardian of Summer and the protector of the birth of all things.

Go outside and sit down upon the Earth. If it’s raining, sit on a plastic sheet and hold an umbrella.  If that’s not possible, do the excerise indoors.

Feel the light of the sun shinning down on you.  You can do this regardless of whether or not clouds or a roof may partically obscure the sun.

Welcome the light with a little prayer, “Great Spirit, I give thanks for the light of the sun which provides life and I give thanks for the increase in the life force that I feel within me now, increasing my energy and vitality.  I feel my self awakening to the light within, gaining the will and wisdom to be of service.”

As you breathe in, feel the light entering the top of your head, and as you breathe out pass it into the earth.  Continue this mediation for a few minutes.

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