The DragonFly ~ Timelessness

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A Dragon Fly lay at my feet, a symbol of renewal,

Its perfect shape defined the moment of interrupted travel,

Its wings spread in flight.

A beautifully emblazoned jewel like body,

Observed as the Power of Light.


At every turn our intuitive eyes may feast upon nature,

that elevates us to higher ground,

transporting us to possible transcendental perceptions.


Reflecting an idea of maturity as my own true colors come forth,

a form of mysticism, a power to reflect and refract light and color,

an illusion causing others only to see what I wish.


A translucent fabric spread across its wings in a criss cross web,

a scared geometry dancing in its veins.

A crystal moment of clarity and the complexity of interconnecting lives,

touching, intersecting in a predestined dimension of space.


A creature of the wind, it carries us with the slightest breeze,

a reminder to heed, and to follow where the winds blows,

An affirmative force, drawing together two worlds,

longing for joy, colliding the souls.


Inhabiting two realms one of water and the other of air,

sharing a blended balance, the reality of experience.

Life is too short, one must live to the fullest with what one has,

is the Dragonfly Prayer.


“Let there be Light” to utilize our creative imagination,

Life is never quite the way it appears,

they help us to see through illusions,

allowing our own light to shine and to find our own true vision.


They speak to us, of movement and of adaptability.

Completing a metamorphosis,

they transform from the water to the realm of air.


Much like ourselves as we pass from our early years

emotional and passionate,

To discover balance with greater mental clarity and control,

in our later years.


Dragonflies are given two pairs of wings,

but if need be, can fly with only one,

Like our souls adrift in solitude,

our yearnings and desire are held unwaveringly

once we learn to fly accompanied, as two.


They are the unseen help and message of our deeper thoughts,

as the Dragonfly comes into play,

observe as it skitters across the water,

close your eyes and focus on your minds inner ocean.


See your thoughts float across the top of a smooth calm glass like surface,

sliding across the water, smooth and fast

and be mindful of the outcome we wish to have,

repeating in quiet to yourself.


This moment, I receive the gifts of The Dragonfly,

This moment, my Dragonfly, reveal to me, what I must see,

This moment, my Dragonfly, connects with me.


Wendy L. Zake

Tehachapi, Ca

June 22, 2008

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