Time Will Pass ~



It feels as if time is just slipping away, moving at the speed of light, steeling away our lives.

By Andi Allen

Minutes turn into hours and hours turn into days. Days roll into weeks until they all just melt away. We blink our eyes and it feels as if the years have just disappeared. They say that time is an illusion, something we humans have just made up. They say that the spirit is timeless, lasting into eternity. This is well and good, as I do believe it to be truth, but…. there will be an end to the life that we are currently living right now, in this body with this personality. As my beautiful mother once said, this life is but a short time in all of eternity.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?

Vegas is the world’s most perfect timeless place. There is not a clock to be found, always bright and active, and while on vacation you truly do not need time to dictate your experience. There is absolutely no-way to know the time unless you seek it out. How amazing it is to do what feels good, living in the moment, no expectations attached. Will being in Vegas stop time from marching on? Of course not, but without a clock and a focus on time, we are able to appreciate what we are doing and who we are within the moment it is happening.

What the dying will tell you…..

That they wished they had spent more time with those they love, taken more time to do what felt good, lived more in the moment, taken more risks, and worried less about the small insignificant stuff. We will continue to live in the time continuum, as we have created it, but we can choose how we will spend our moments, days, weeks, and years. We always have a choice as to how we live this precious life. We may not always be on vacation or have time stop like it does in Vegas, but if we are spending more time on what we don’t want than what we do want, it is up to us to make some changes. I for one do not want to be sitting in the rocking chair at the end of life thinking about all that I should have done.

Time will pass, but we have choice

We do not need to put off enjoying our lives until we are on vacation. We have the golden opportunity every day to live in the moment and be in the flow of the good life. Time will continue to move on and we will get to the end of this life, but all that stuff in the middle is completely up to us. If we begin living life in alignment with our soul, then we will align with the joy of living in the moment. If we align our lives with our soul, then we will feel that the passing days have blended beautifully, one into the next. Today I choose to stop placing so much focus on what I do not want and rather on what I do. I challenge you to do the same!


About the Author:


I am a writer, blogger, and photographer. I have a BA in Sociology and currently juggle a family, my daytime role as a Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, and my love of writing and capturing life through the lens. Through transformation I learned of a calling as a light-worker and now apply that philosophy to my daily living, helping others to share their light. You can Visit Andrea on her website  www.andi-allen.com.  or Visit her Facebook Page Andi Allen

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