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Time, Words, And Money- Tools Used To Enslave Us

Michelle Walling, CHLC – According to the 3-part video series The Golden Web, this holographic illusion we are living in is derived from a super computer on Saturn that works with the moon to control every aspect of our lives. Time, words, and money are all interweaved to create an (…)

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From Above and Below: Hyperdimensional Revelations

Fred Clarke Alvarez – Why is the world the way it is? What is my purpose on this earth? What is spirit? What is God? What is the archetypal myth that I’m living?Over the course of my life these questions have emerged and keep emerging. As I’ve walked my (…)

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An Essay on Sandy Hook

Maureen Crowley – The powerful conglomeration of interests that tried to pull off the events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut on December 14, 2012, must have realized the visual power of television. The images of beautiful children were where all emphasis was directed. Their pristine pictures, (…)

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The Event Chronicle

Arjun Walia – Dolores Cannon’s career has spanned over 4 decades, during which time she has worked with thousands of clients in regressive hypnotherapy sessions. With over 17 published books on the subject, Dolores Cannon can (…)

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Speak With Love- How Words Literally Restructure Your Brain

Raven Fon – The words you choose to use can literally change your brain.Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University, and Mark Robert Waldman, a communications expert, collaborated on the book, “Words Can Change Your Brain.” In it, they write, “a single word has the power to (…)

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A Stream from the Higher Worlds

The Hathors – In our last planetary message called the Aetherium, we shared a sound meditation to help you transit through intensifying levels of world chaos by decreasing stress and by increasing coherency in your body and mind.In this message we are giving you another sound meditation called “A (…)

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The Art Of Quantum Jumping: How To Shift Your Reality In Big, Positive Ways

Cynthia Sue LarsonThe popular expression “quantum jump” is used in common English speech to describe a leap that is big—but to physicists, quantum jumps are tiny, discrete (indivisible), and abrupt. The idea of quantum particles is that they can exist in material form at one energy level or another, but not in between. When quantum particles (…)

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The Use Of Color In Mind Control Conditioning To Divide & Conquer

MusicIs2Words – Mind Control, while ubiquitous & pervasive in modern society, is acting on a level unseen by many people who argue vehemently that it does not exist. It becomes a sort of “can’t see the forest for the trees” issue. Perhaps they are not consciously aware of its effects (…)

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You See What Others Can’t

Limitless Minds – Every day, more and more people realize that they fall in the category of people with empathy (compassion), highly sensitive to energy and emotions of the environment. Empathetic person is a person who has the ability to grasp the mental and emotional states of others. These people (…)

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DEET Chemical – Part Of Brain Damaging Binary Weapon Being Carpet Bombed Across America’s Cities

Mike Adams – With every ignorant news organization across America now pushing Americans to slather their skin with DEET chemicals as a defense against Zika mosquitoes, there’s something every American needs to know: DEET is one chemical component of a binary chemical weapon system currently being carpet bombed onto U.S. (…)

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